Non-judgemental Chubby Mens Massage – Large Set Guys Need Pampering Too

Chubby Man getting a massage

Being large does not mean you can’t get a nice pampering. When we say we are non-judgemental we mean it. It’s OK to be big, chubby, overweight, large set, heavy framed. No matter how shy you may be, we will make certain you feel really at home here. You can disrobe behind a privacy screen if you wish. Your therapist can hold a towel up in front of his eyes as you walk to the table. You can wear a towel around you if you wish too. What ever it takes to make you comfortable is OK.

Naked Massage Treatments – Undraped Massage Therapy

Picture of man being free on a beach to dress as much or litttle as he wants to.

Naked Massage Treatments – Undraped Massage Therapy We offer you the freedom to choose what type of massage you receive here. You can also choose how much clothing you wish to wear while you are recieving your relaxing treatment. You can choose be fully clothed, you can also be naked and covered with blankets or, […]

Getting a Massage Do’s & Don’ts – Etiquette for Men’s Massage

Picture of a man giving a thumbs up

Getting a Massage Do’s & Don’ts – Etiquette for Men’s Massage Men can worry about getting massage treatments simply because it is new to them. This makes them unsure and a bit wary. However, you really don’t have to worry. We at Relaxing Massage are here to help and put your mind at ease. This […]

Your Complete Relaxation is Our Goal

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Our Aims are for You to Relax Completely & Really Enjoy Yourself At relaxing massage, we always aim to please. Relax and enjoy the quiet, serene, Relaxation Room in York. This is your completely private space, made just for you to enjoy your treatment. You deserve some dedicated “me” time. Call 078979 814388 to book […]

Gay Stress Massage

Gay stress is a real issue but we are here to help.

The Silent Struggle: Extra Stress Among Gay and Bisexual Men -Massage Can Help You Cope Better Being a gay or bisexual man in today’s society comes with its own unique set of challenges and obstacles that most people will know little about. Whilst the LGBTQ+ community has made significant progress in terms of acceptance and […]

Burn & Operation Scar Massage

Picture of man being massaged.

Specific Benefits of Massage Treatment for Burn Scars & Operation Scars Burn scars and post-operative scars are two types of wounds that can significantly impact a person’s physical and emotional well-being. Fortunately, massage therapy has shown promising results in treating these specific types of scars, offering specific benefits that can help improve how scars look, […]

Gay Friendly Massage

Male to male gay freindly massage with a man therapist

Explore Gay Friendly Massage From a Male Therapist in York Are you a gay or bisexual man looking for a safe and discreet full body massage experience? Look no further! Our gay-friendly and bisexual-friendly massage service offers you a theraputic massage for men by men. Our professional male therapists in York specialise in providing a […]

Non-Sexual Massage Touch

Older man on his back getting an oily massage

Understanding Non-Sexual Touch During Massage When it comes to touch in the Western world there can be some confusion around what is considered non-sexual, therapeutic touch during massage and what is considered intimate touching. The latter is not what we do during a treatment here. The former is what you will receive during your massage […]

Why M2M Massage?

Gay man on massage massage with no sex

Why Might Gay Bisexual Asexual or Curious Men Enjoy a Massage Experience? If you identify as gay, bisexual, asexual or alternatively are simply curious about man-to-man massage you are free to book in for treatment here. You may be wondering why a 100% confidential, 100% private massage by a male massage therapist for you is […]

Submission in Massage

man blissing out after a massage

Submission in Massage: Letting Go of Control as Stress Relief for Work Bosses Are you a stressed-out boss at work who finds it difficult to let go of control? All day you make decisions, tell people what needs doing and this just adds to your stress load. However, help is at hand. It’s time for […]

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Picture of hot stones piled up on a stoney shory top signify balance massage can being massaged.

How Lymphatic Drainage Massage Adds More to Your Pampering Treatment When it comes to indulging yourself in self-care and relaxation, getting a massage is one of the most popular options out there. While many people are familiar with the benefits of a Swedish or deep tissue massage, there is another type of massage that is […]

Back Massage for Men and Women

Everybody loves a great back massage. It is an area the body where pain can be felt, especially the lower back, and tension can be held. Massage can help sooth both these issues.

Importance of Communication

Kevin is your lead therapist and will be happy to treat you to some good relaxation.

The Importance of Communication During Your Massage – Its Crucial Effective communication is crucial during a non-sexual yet still sensual massage session, especially for gay, bisexual and curious men to build trust with your therapist. Communication during your intake interview allows mutual boundaries to be set before treatment starts. It sets the foundation for a […]

5 Myths About Massage

The mythological poseidon

Debunking 5 Myths About Massage Therapy With the Truth Massage therapy has been around for thousands of years, but it is still often surrounded by misconceptions and myths. In this article, we will debunk some of the most common myths about massage therapy, allowing you to have a clearer understanding of its benefits and what […]

Holistic Aftercare Advice for Massage Clients

After a massage there is some basic, holistic advise that all clients should be made aware of. What this advise aims to do is make sure your treatment and its after effects will be as good as is possible.

Massage Therapy for Anxiety Relief

The Relaxation Room in York is ready and waiting for you.

The Role of Massage Therapy in Anxiety Relief Today Managing anxiety with massage is becoming an increasingly popular alternative and or complement to medication. Numerous studies have shown that massage therapy can help reduce anxiety levels in individuals suffering from the disorder. For example, a study conducted by Field T et al (1992) on hospitalized […]

Holistic Relaxation for the Mind & Body

Picture of calm lake reflecting mountains

Book Your Holistic Relaxation for the Mind & Body Today A good pampering massage here allows both your mind and body to relax togther. If you enjoy feeling good, this is the right place to book in for treatment today! Massage has a large range of scientifically proven benefits. One of the major ones is […]

Evidence Reiki Can Help

Reiki being performed on the ears and head

Reiki Evidence: A Promising Therapy for Improved Well-being & Happiness There is evidence that  Reiki’s may be able to improve quality of life and overall wellbeing in challenging circumstances and it is increasingly hard to ignore. Research has highlighted the positive effects Reiki can have on quality of life for patients with blood cancer. Also […]

Physical Benefits of Massage for Anxiety

Lit candle in a holder

What are Physical Benefits of Massage for Anxiety? In addition to the amazing psychological benefits, massage therapy can also have wonderful physical benefits for anxiety relief. For starters, massage can help to lower blood pressure and reduce muscle tension, both of which are common physical symptoms of anxiety. The relaxation that comes with massage can […]

Your Privacy & Being Comfortable is Important During Discreet Massage

We respect your privacy very much at Relaxing Massage in York. You can be covered in clean towels during a massage to keep you warm and for your privacy. To get the most benefit out of a treatment you have to be comfortable and that is also a top priority here. With full body treatment, your skin will have to be accessible. So you will have to undress to some extent. We offer you privacy screens and or another private room to disrobe in. Your treatment here is also totally discreet and any information we take from you is confidential. Everyone gets the same great service here no matter what.

Massage Boost Your Well-being

sunrise by the sea boost to your wellness

Massage Can Boost Well-being – Move Beyond Anxiety Massage therapy can do wonders for overall well-being, even beyond anxiety relief. It promotes relaxation, can reduce stress levels and can stimulate the release of endorphins, which are natural mood enhancers. Massage can also improve sleep, relieve muscle tension and soreness, reduce daily stress and boost circulation. […]

Massage Benefits for Elderly People

Edlerly guy having a massage for its benefits

Age Gracefully – Massage Benefits Well-Being, Sleep & Constipation As we age, getting yourself the benefits massage offers are more important than ever. Massage can be an effective tool for older people to manage their well-being, sleep issues, and even constipation. By incorporating massage into their bi-weekly or monthly routine, seniors can enjoy improved well-being, […]

Catch The Dawn Chorus

Picture of a bird singing the daen chorus in the morning

Mindfully Catch The Dawn Chorus For a Great Start to Your Day Start your day right every day. Put a smile on your face and enjoy the moment. It’s really is just so very easy to do. We and those around us all gain benefit by being in a good mood. This is especially the […]

A Touchy Subject

Picture of your massage therapist Kevin.

A Touchy Subject: Kevin Shatters Massage Therapy Misconceptions for You When we think of massage therapy in Britain, many of us can be uncomfortable just with the idea of another person physically touching us. We may even feel embarrassed discussing our thoughts and feelings on the topic of touch because of this taboo. This is […]

Importance of Human Touch

touch starts from when we are born and should continue

How Important is Human Touch For Mental and Physical Health? Human touch is a fundamental aspect of our well-being, both mentally and physically. From the moment we are born, touch plays a crucial role in our development and sense of connection with the world around us. As we grow older, the importance of touch only […]

Uncertainty About Touch

Picture of a man giving a thumbs up

Overcome Your Uncertainty & Discomfort About Being Touched Many of us have fear and discomfort when it comes to the idea of touch. Thats OK really, we are not judging you for it this is very normal in Britain. Whether it’s due to societal conditioning, our upbringing  or other personal experiences, these feelings can be […]

Taboo of Touch

Lit candle in a holder

Move Beyond The Taboo of Touch in Western Society In Western society, there is an undeniable taboo surrounding touch. We are conditioned from an early age to associate touch with intimacy, sexuality, and vulnerability. As a result, the idea of someone touching us in a safe, non-sexual, professional setting can feel uncomfortable and even embarrassing. […]

Discount Massage Treatments

Value Massage Coupon Get Your £10 off Discount Today When you want a massage you want value for money. Click here >>>>> for more details on our £10 discount on Swedish Massages. Book yours in today so you dont miss out. 07979 814388 Only 1 offer can be applied to 1 treatment. Related Content Popular […]

Professionalism of Massage Therapists


Enjoy the Professionalism of Well-Trained Massage Therapists Here One of the key factors in overcoming the touch boundaries in Western society is understanding and appreciating the true professionalism of trained massage therapists. It’s essential to recognize that these individuals have dedicated their time and expertise to mastering the art of massage therapy just for you […]

Discreet Massage in York – 100% Privacy Always

Why we think massage should be discreet is detailed here. We assure all our clients we are 100% discreet in all aspects of your treatment. We adhere to voluntary codes of conduct which means we have to keep your details private and we are happy to do this. So now you know, book your appointment […]

Types of Pampering Massages

5 Different Types of Pampering Massages for You to Try Relaxing Massage are your personal experts in pampering. We know what many people like and we go out of our way to make sure your personal pampering treatment is exactly what you want and enjoy. The more often your come, the better we get to […]

I am Happy With Nudity – Why Wear Clothes?

Standing free in a field with a mountain in the background

You have the freedom and privacy here to have your massage the way you want to have it. It is completely up to you how much clothing you wear or don’t wear during your personalised treatment. However it is you are comfortable we are happy with that.

Power of Consent

You Always Have The Power of Consent in Massage Therapy Consent is a fundamental aspect of any massage therapy session. It is the cornerstone of creating a safe and empowering experience for you, the client. In a society where touch can be taboo, it is crucial to prioritize and emphasize the power of consent in […]

Scar Treatment

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6 Practical Tips for Effective Scar Treatment With Massage When it comes to improving the look of your scar tissue with massage, we can offer you some practical tips that can help ensure the treatment you choose is effectiveness. In summary these include these 6 points. Always look for a qualified, experienced professional. You should […]

Touch During Massage is Wonderful & It Is Back

We human beings have missed being touched theraputically for a long time now. We peronalise the amount of pressure used so it feels great for you. Massage is now back so, it time for you to enjoy yourself freely again.

Myofascial Release Massage for Pain

Myofascial release massage works on tissues just under the skin called fascia. When fascia become damaged and or inflexible it can cause you pain. Techniques used in this therapy help to heal and stretch what were tight tissues. This can help with pain originating from here and can benefit you other ways too. There are […]

Suffering Osteoarthritis & Knee Pain? Massage Can Help You

Knee osteoarthritis is a common condition that can be painful. Massage therapy and myofacsial release thechniques have proven benefitable for all sorts of osteoarthritis in many studies. Self-massage can help but, an experienced professional working on your knee will be better.