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Armoatherapy massage benefits for youAn aromatherapy massage can transcend the dimension of physical touch by incorporating your other senses. This fundamentally means massage evolves into a comprehensive, positive, personalised wellness treatment. It nurtures both your body and mind, your sense of touch and sense of smell in equal measure. It is so much more than simply using an oil diffuser for aromatherapy. Lower blood pressure along with heightened relaxation means we have created a sanctuary of calm in an otherwise frantic world, just for you. The incredible sensory journey aromatherapy massage takes you on distracts the mind away from the whirlwind of day-to-day worries, transporting you in a tranquil haven of wellbeing. Isn’t it time you embraced the power of essential oils in massage for your stress relief and relaxation? Book your treatment today by texting 07979 814388.

Lavender Essential Oil Massage - Enhanced Relaxation, Stress & Anxiety Aid

Stressed out? Want to know how to alleviate stress and anxiety naturally? You’re in the right place. It would also be nice to achieve a profound state of relaxation whenever we need it wouldn’t it? A relaxing essential oil massage is a formidable ally in helping you with all of this. In my article I look at the proof we have for saying lavender essential oil massage can help you with all these issues.

We start by investigating how aromatherapy and massage’s synergy can help you with additional benefits on 2 fronts. Next, we look at evidence saying lavender can reduce your stress. We then see how lavender can be used as an aid to relaxation, which we could all use. Then evidence that lavender essential oil can also lower anxiety, which is stress related. Lastly, we look into some really surprising additional benefits you can also get. So, lets get started shall we?

Synergy in Aromatherapy Massage – 2 Therapies in 1 Treatment

man on man massage is goodThe splendid mixture of massage while using preblended massage medium incorporating essential oils offers you a dual approach to stress relief. We can hold onto stress in our muscles which causes tension. Physically, the massage works to relax your tense muscle tissue. The manipulation of muscles also pushes away used, exhausted body fluids through our body’s natural filters. Our muscles will then replace these fluids with invigorating, refreshing, oxygenated blood. In addition to this during aromatherapy massage with essential oils, the natural aromas work through your sense of smell to help stabilise your emotions. This synergy not only helps the relaxation process but, also deepens its impact for you. So you get better relaxation, that goes deeper on many levels. What we are doing for you in essence is crafting a calm, soothing environment where stress can’t survive or thrive.

Evidence That Lavender Can Reduce Stress

There is good evidence of the efficacy of Lavender essential oil in helping with stress. Stress is something we all must contend with in life. It is a natural part of life that has aided human to survive and thrive for millennia. Stress stimulates the fff survival instinct within us. However, when it is stimulated too much it can become damaging. So how can we control it? Well, Lee J et al (2011) tell us lavender aromatics can help. A group of 30 healthy people were put under stress. Those who undertook aromatherapy (inhaling lavender oil for 5 minutes) showed significantly reduced stress levels compared to those who did not. This clinical trial and other studies show us that the positive effects of lavender essential oil inhalation on stressed out people is more than just an old wives tale.

Reduced Blood Pressure from Aromatherapy Massage

Lavender oils aromatherapy equals ... ahhhh yesMoreover, Ruangrungsi N. PhD et al (2012) report tells us the wonderful ambient fragrance created by lavender essential oils during a massage is proven to relax people. The conclusions of this study say, inhaling the lovely aroma of lavender oil caused a marked drop in blood pressure and lower heart rate. This is an obvious sign that the test subjects were relaxing because, when we are relaxed, our autonomic nervous system (which controls necessary body functions) will decrease. When we are relaxed, as opposed to excited, we need less oxygen. So, breathing, heart rate and blood flow will slow. This is really good evidence for the use of lavender as an aromatic to help people to calm down. Book in today to feel the full benefits 07979 814388

Lavender Essential Oil Can Reduce Anxiety

Lavender essential oil aromas can also lower anxiety according to a randomised clinical trial reported by Arslan A. et al (2020). Anxiety in both children and parents is a well-known issue when going to a dentist and receiving dental treatment. The study concludes that lavender could be a preferred holistic treatment for this type of anxiety and thus, other anxiety as well. If things improve at the dentists with the high levels of anxiety experienced there, other anxious events could also be helped by this aromatherapy. Let’s face it there are not many anxiety triggers that are as bad as at going to a dentist. It has worked here so it could work for you too.

Surprising Additional Benefits of Lavender Aromatherapy

Lavender and rosemary essentail oils therapyField T (1998) study tells us there is more to aromatics than just relaxation. Evidence shows that lavender aromas help relax people for sure but, they also can help improve depressed mood and surprisingly aid in doing mathematic computations. People were tested on maths both before and after lavender aroma inhalation. The results after inhalation were more accurate and faster. Interestingly the same study said the rosemary essential oil had an opposite effect with people feeling more alert or invigorated. So, lavender for calm, rosemary for uplift and I am sure there is a world of positive effects yet to be discovered. These results are shown by science, and you should get the same positive benefits from the same essential oil aromas as reported here during your relaxing aromatherapy massage with us. Text or call 07979 814 388 today to book your treatment.



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