Understanding Non-Sexual Touch During Massage

Image of touching hands during a massageWhen it comes to touch in the Western world there can be some confusion around what is considered non-sexual, therapeutic touch during massage and what is considered intimate touching. The latter is not what we do during a treatment here. The former is what you will receive during your massage treatment. This is particularly important to understand in the context of massage for gay, bisexual, and bicurious men all of who I welcome warmly here. To clear this area of misunderstanding up, it’s basically all about intent and consent. So, let’s dive into the difference between them because there is quite a contrast indeed.

What is Consensual Intimate Touching?

Consensual intimate touch typically involves contact that is aimed at arousal or sexual pleasure between two consenting adults. It may involve direct stimulation of erogenous zones and can lead to further sexual activity. Sexual, inimate touch is a consensual two-way street, where both parties are actively engaged in the experience, want to do it and consent to it. Their aims are to get and one would hope in most cases also give stimulation and pleasure to each other. It’s a natural thing between a male and female couple (heterosexual sex), two men (gay / homosexual sex) or two women (lesbian / homosexual sex). All of this is not what happens in a massage here as we offer only theraputic massage.

Professional Massage Here Involves Theraputic Non-Sexual Touch

Edlerly guy having a massage for its benefitsIn contrast to the above non-sexual touch in massage therapy is only theraputic in nature and is focused on promoting relaxation, comfort, and mind-body connection. It can still feel pleasurable and by its very nature is somewhat intimate, like a professional’s touch should but, is not intended to be sexual in any way. Non-sexual theraputic touch can include techniques such as gentle strokes, light caressing, and soothing pressure all using warm oiled hands. Although it might sound quite sexy, the aim of this is not sexual gratification but, rather simple relaxation in a quiet, safe environment. It can be considered similar to an hour-long caring hug of a non-sexual nature. You can clearly see the differences between these two types of touching now, I hope.

Promoting Relaxation Using the Sense of Touch

Deep Tissue using elbow and fistIn contrast to intimate touching, in the context of massage, any touch used by the massage therapist is strictly theraputic. However, it is mutually consensual and that consent will have been given when you sign the intake form. None-the-less the purpose of the massage is to provide a multifaceted sensory experience that promotes relaxation and self-discovery. The focus is on awakening the senses and exploring the body’s natural energy flow. In massage strokes (types of touching) may include classic light pressure effleurage, medium pressure petrissage (kneading), tapotement (percussion), friction strokes and also vibrations. The goal of all these listed is to allow the receiver (client) to fully relax, let go of any tension or stress and thus boost their overall wellbeing.

Please Communicate Your Boundaries Before Treatment

It’s important to note that everyone has different boundaries and comfort levels when it comes to touch. What may be considered theraputic touching for one person may not be for another. This is why communication and consent are essential during what is, by its very nature, sensual yet non-sexual massage. The perfect time to talk about what you want to happen consensually between you and your therapist is during your intake interview. Tell them what you would like to happen, perhaps what areas of your body you would like touched (full body massage) and also areas you would not like touched (e.g. my feet are ticklish please don’t). Then both of your boundaries are set and these will not be overstepped.

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Your masseuse will also be in communication with you throughout your treatment but, not so as to disturb the meditative, mindful, trance like state you can achieve during your massage. Good communication allows both the client and the massage therapist to establish consensual boundaries and ensure that everyone feels safe and comfortable throughout the session.

Please note you are always free to tell your therapist if you are starting to feel uncomfortable with what they are doing and treatment will stop. On a couple of occasions, I have started working on someone’s stomach and they started giggling. On asking them “Is everything OK?”, it turned out they were very ticklish there and had not told me about this. However, after a short amount of this tummy titillation, I swiftly moved on and they continued to enjoy the relaxing experience.  

Our Aim is to Boost Your Wellbeing and Make You Happy

Picture of a waterfall at sunriseIn the context of touch during a sensory, non-sexual massage, the focus is on the well-being and relaxation of the individual, rather than any sexual intentions or expectations. It’s about creating a safe space where those who identify as gay men or bisexual men and those guys who are simply curious about their sexuality can explore a massage experience without any judgment or pressure. In a holistic sense, this allows for a deeper connection between mind, body, and spirit, fostering a sense of self-discovery and personal growth. This is the perfect place to take some me time that really means something to you. Find more about yourself and when you leave you can feel really happy, elevated (light on your feet), more aware of yourself, fulfilled and content. However, If you enjoyed it like we hope you will, you may choose to allow your curiosity of mind / body connection to grow and come back again for another wonderful massage.

So, if you’re interested in experiencing a theraputic massage, rest assured that the touch you’ll receive will be non-sexual in nature. You can trust us to do this especially when you consider all the years of experience we have relaxing guys of all shapes, sizes and orientations. We will use as much pressure as you require or be as gentle as you wish. Just tell us and we will personalise your treatment to be like that. It’s a wonderful opportunity to connect with your body, explore your sensuality, and leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, all in a safe and judgment-free environment.

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