What Back Muscles Can Cause My Back to Hurts?

There are lots of different muscles in the back that can cause issues. We look at the biggest first the trapezius. Then we investigate the latissimus dorsi muscle just below it. Lastly we look at the rhomboids that lie beneath the trapezius.

Trapezius Muscle of the Back

The largest one is the trapezius. This is a triangular (actually trapezoid thus its name) shaped muscle running from the base of the skull, to lower spine and across the upper back from the spine to the outer shoulder blade on both sides.This muscle is a major player in upper back aches. It can hold onto your stress as tension. Massage around and up and down over it can help this.

Latissimus Dorsi Muscle – Arm and Shoulder Aid

At the base of the trapezius running down the sides of the back are the latissimus dorsi muscles. This large flat muscle helps with shoulder and arm movements. With arms and shoulder constantly in motion they can remain tense. Pulling massage strokes, rubbing them up and down, and circular stokes can relieve tension here.

Rhomboids – By Shape and Name

Under the trapezius the muscles are the rhomboids. These are 2 sets of muscles either side of the spine called rhomboids major and minor. They run from the inner shoulder blades to the spine. Both of these muscles are used when you pull your shoulder blades together across your back and help with scapula rotation. Deep tissue massage work with a fist and deep pressure can be required to get to the muscle. This can then help to loosen the tissues and sooth aches and pains.

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