Massage For Men in York – Relaxation is Good For Male Clients

Picture of man being massaged.Here at Relaxing Massage in York we specialise in giving a great man’s massage which will include a super back massage for men. Also we have a special offer price for men over 60 years of age which means you can get a great discount on 1 hour treatments here. More people are getting massage treatment as it becomes more accepted as a good complementary therapy that works. However, men don’t get as many massages as women do. Men should be getting more massages to lower high blood pressure which they are prone to. There are many clinical studies that prove this treatment for men can help with hypertension and simply help them to relax. It is time for men to appreciate the benefits and partake of this soothing, relaxation therapy. To put your mind at rest further, we have even produced a guide to men’s massage etiquette.

We Understand Male Physique - Men Are Our Speciality

Massaging men is a speciality here. We understand what men like and the benefits massage brings them. It is an area that many local spas do seem to shy away from, even in today’s modern world. I have heard local masseurs say “Sorry we don’t treat men here.” and “Men don’t come often enough for us to train up our staff for them.” This is very much NOT the case here at Relaxing Massage York. Male clients are always very welcome and can benefit from our thorough understanding of the larger male physique. Fully trained and experienced staff are always going to be aiming to give you guys the perfect massage. The wonders of a great back massage for men is something you will really enjoy!

As Massage Therapy Grows Men Don't Get As Many - Why?

Picture of man getting a soothing, relaxing back massage.AMTA (2001) tells us there are twice the number of people receiving massage therapy in 2001 (16% of those surveyed) than in 1997 (8%). Today this figure has risen further with surveys telling us 19% of adult Americans have had a massage.

However men don’t go as often for massage as women do. AMTA (2001) say 18% of females said they went for a massage treatment. This is compared to only 13% of men saying they had done so. These figures for men didn’t improved much in 2017 when 21% of women and only 16% of the men surveyed said they had a massage in the previous year.

The lack of men getting what is a fabulous complementary treatment could be down to a number of reasons. One of these reasons might be the way men perceive massage as unmanly. This is a very outdated view that has no grounds at all. Getting a massage is just as manly as going to the gym. In fact if you ask any professional sportsman (a very masculine group indeed), you will find they go for regular massages to help them perform better and recover faster. You should allow yourself some time for yourself by getting these treatments and benefits too.

Read the Proof - Men Can Get Benefits From Treatment

Chubby Man getting a massageMen should be going for treatments more often for specific issues like high blood pressure. Many studies like that of Reckelhoff J (2001) have found men suffer from high blood pressure more than pre-menopausal women of the same age. In fact Maric-Bilkan C (2012) goes on to say that Androgen (a male sex hormone) can explain this difference.

Numerous studies have proven that massage lowers blood pressure. Mohebbi Z et al (2014) showed a drop in blood pressure after therapeutic massage had taken place. Indeed this was proven further though when Skoog M et al (2005) did a study of healthy males being given massage at Karolinska Hospital in Stockholm. Conclusions drawn here said those suffering from hypertension caused by stress should try this complementary therapy. Also Cambron J et al (2006) showed that systolic blood pressure decreased more after therapeutic Swedish massage compared to other types of massage treatment.

Men Should and Can Go For Specialist Treatments Here

In conclusion men can and should go for more massages. It is a manly thing that sportsmen do regularly because of it benefits. Swedish massage is the most relaxing type of treatment and very good for men. It is proven to help with the problems men suffer with like high blood pressure.


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  1. Hi, I am an bloke and I was just wondering do you have male therapists here to massage me? The thing is my wife would not be too happy if i went to get one from another woman but, i would really enjoy a treatment.

    1. Hello Paul and thank you for your question. Yes, we do have male therapists here for male clients. I fully understand what you are saying and would be happy to treat you here. Please feel free to call or text at any reasonable hour 07979 814 388 All the best, Kevin