Mindful Massage - Your Total Relaxation in the Moment

Lit candle in a holderYou will have heard of mindfulness but, what on earth is a mindful massage? Well. it is basically a mixture of two well-known therapies mindfulness and massage. These two have their own positive benefits and mixing them means you can get wellbeing boosts from both. You will be treated by a qualified massage therapist and mindfulness teacher. So, this is the perfect place to get totally relaxed with a totally relaxing mindful massage. Call now to book your treatment. 07979 814388

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a practice that guides you to feel what is happening in your body in the moment. It allows you to really be present right here, right now. Many people are always in doing mode. Do this, do that, remembering the past or planning the future. This can mean we miss out what is happening in the present. Mindfulness guides you away from constantly doing and into being, in the present moment. It can also bring you calm, tranquil, inner peace if you allow it to.

What are the Benefits of Mindful Massage?

Over the massage table as you sit down. Relax, breathe, unwind. Picture of soothing morning light through trees. Relax, breathe, unwind. Yes.

Mindful massage is a delightful mixture of two therapies that are both proven to benefit us. A benefit of mindfulness practice is you may find yourself relaxing which is what we are after during this treatment. However, that is by no means the end it. Professor Mark Williams et al (2013) tells us it can also help lower anxiety, help with stress, hypertension and irritability. Also, your memory, reaction times and stamina can improve. Massage benefits can include reducing your stress, which we hold onto as muscles tension. It is proven to lower blood pressure and to help you sleep at night. Choose this wonderful mixture of soothing therapies and you may well get the benefits of both.

What is Mindful Massage & How Can it Help Me?

woman being in the moment in the forestChoosing to have a relaxing mindful massage and this world of positive benefits is your oyster. Mindful massage allows you to be in the moment. It aids you to really feel what your therapist is doing right here, right now and truly appreciate it. During a mindful massage you will guided to really feel the pleasant nature of what is happening as you receive a full body massage. Allowing you to accept the pleasure of the massage as it is happening and indulge yourself in it, mindfully. Your treatment can be 1 hour, 1.5 hours or two hours of bliss. Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Hot Stone therapies can be incorporated for you. You can choose what you would like your personalised treatment to be like. We will always do our very best to please and relax you, as best we can.

What Happens During a Mindful Massage?
  1. As normal an intake form is completed.
  2. You disrobe and lay face down on the massage couch.
  3. Your qualified therapist will then take you through a guided practice to put you in touch with your body, grounding you, ready for massage. This is usually a progressive body relaxation and or guiding you to feel your breath. Feel what is happening in your body as you breathe in and out. Just this breath coming in, just this breath going out, relaxation in, tension going out, in time with your breathing.
  4. Once you have started to relax, which will be obvious to your therapist with slower breathing your massage can begin.
  5. Throughout your massage your therapist will guide you to feel what is happening and accept the pleasure it is giving you.
  6. Occasionally your mind will wander and that is fine, that is what minds do.
  7. You therapist will gently bring you back to the here and now. So, you are feeling your breath or the body part that is being massaged again.
  8. As your treatment is completed, you may become aware of an overall feeling of wellbeing throughout your body and mind.
  9. In fact, you might feel like you are walking on air in a pleasing trance like state.
  10. The perfect end to total relaxation in the moment.



Williams, Prof. Mark. Mindfulness: A practical guide to finding peace in a frantic world (p. 6). Little, Brown Book Group. Kindle Edition.

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  1. Hi there, I do mindfulness regularly. However I have never had a massage while doing it. I really like your writing about it here. So much so I will keep in touch and read you blog regularly. Should I choose to have a treatment with you do you have some nice maindful sounds that I can listen to as you relax me? Thanks, Mick

    1. Hello Mick and thank you for you enquiry. In short yes. I have a choice of sound tracks you can listen to while I sooth and relax your body. During a mindful massage birdsong is a popular choice as is whale song. There is also a mindful mix I have put together of over 100 relaxing tunes. The choice is yours. Everything here is aimed at helping even the most stressed-out clients relax. With you already practicing mindfulness, the sounds you hear here should be perfect for you. Please don’t hesitate to call or text 07979 814388 to book an appointment today. All the best, Kevin

  2. Hi there! Great post IU love it! Would you mind if I share your blog with my twitter group?
    There’s a lot of my friends and others that I know would really appreciate your content.
    Please do let me know. Many thanks G

    1. Hi there G, thank you for your positive comments about my material here on mindfulness and massage. It is very nice and respectful of you to request permission before you post on X (previously known as twitter). Feel free to post a link to my site. All the best, Kevin

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