Getting a Massage Do’s & Don’ts - Etiquette for Men’s Massage

Men can worry about getting massage treatments simply because it is new to them. This makes them unsure and a bit wary. However, you really don’t have to worry. We at Relaxing Massage are here to help and put your mind at ease. This is a guide to massage etiquette before, during and after your treatment. It contains simple answers to many questions that lots of guys have about expected, correct behaviour. Any therapist will be happy to treat you and have you return if you keep to these simple to understand ethical guidelines.

Picture of a man giving a thumbs up Guys can be a bit unsure about how to act, what to do and what will happen to them during their first massage. However, we are always here to aid clients and this guide should help put you at ease sir. This article offers you some safe, simple guidelines about what is and what is not acceptable behaviour, or etiquette, during a massage treatment. Following these general rules means everyone will be happy. So you will enjoy your treatment and be invited back for more massage delights for sure.

  • Firstly, book an appointment well in advance.
  • Secondly, have a shower before you set off.
  • Thirdly, turn up on time.
  • Fourthly, tell your massage therapist what you want.
  • Fifthly, tip as much as you feel you should.
  • Sixthly, choose either a man or woman to do your massage.
  • Seventhly, stripping down to your underwear is normal practice but, you can be fully clothed or naked with some discussion beforehand, if you choose.
  • Eightly, please keep your hands where they are placed.
  • Lastly, if you get an erection, don’t worry. It can happen to normal, healthy male clients.

Book Your Massage Treatment Well Ahead to Avoid Disappointment

Massage therapists are busy people, just like you are. To make certain you get your treatment when you want it, book your appointment well in advance. This will mean both you and your therapist set the same time aside for your relaxing treatment. It is just common sense really. The further ahead you book, the more likely you will get your appointment when you want it.

Please Have a Shower Before You Set Off

If it is a hot day, or you have been doing exercise, or simply had a full day at work, you will have been perspiring. A massage treatment involves hand to flesh contact over areas of your naked body. Having a shower will mean no one gets embarrassed during your treatment. Simple, basic personal hygiene is good practice before a massage.

Please Make Sure You Turn Up on Time for Your Appointment

Picture of alarm clockA good therapist is a busy therapist. The better they are at thier job, the busier they will be. Your therapist here will have people in before you and people in after you, depending on what time your appointment is. So, the simple courtesy of being on time for your pre-booked appointment will mean everything will run smoothly for everyone involved. You both want your treatment to be quiet, without disturbance and unhurried to get the most out of it. Turning up on schedule will mean all these things will happen.

Say What You Want From Your Massage

Make it clear to your therapist what you want from your massage. During your health consultation, before your treatment, this should become clear to all parties. Do not be embarrassed to say what aches and pains you have. Your therapist is a complementary health worker. They want to know what your problems are so they can address them. Basically, if you don’t tell me, I won’t be able to help you as much with your tension, aches and pains.

Different types of massage (Swedish, Deep Tissue) have different effects on you. If you are unclear a professional, qualified massage therapist (masseur) will give you some guidance.

Also, if there is something specific you do like, or something you really don’t want, say so. You may really enjoy specific areas being massaged. So, simply ask for special attention to these areas. Contrary to this, you may have areas that are very ticklish or tender. Tell your therapist before they get started so they can avoid your hypersensitive areas.

Don’t Be Embarrassed -15% or 20% Tip is Acceptable

Many people are unsure about tipping a massage therapist (masseuse). People will happily tip for good food, good service and even a good ambience in restaurants. Simply put, it is perfectly acceptable to offer a tip for any good service you have received. Leaving 15% to 20% of the total cost of your massage will tell your therapist you enjoyed the experience. Coming back again will do so even more. No one need be embarrassed about leaving a little something extra for a great service.

Do You Want a Male or Female Therapist?

Make your choice and be sure to tell us this. We only have male therapists. Why is this a moral question? Some people may not be happy having a man or a women touch them when they are nearly naked. Indeed some husbands or wives might not be happy having another man or woman touch their spouse all over their body. It is up to you and potentially your partner to make this choice and say so when booking your appointment. Here we only have male therapists.

How Much Clothing Do I Need to Take Off?

Here, we are happy for you to remove as much of your cloths as you are comfortable with. Other places may have different rules about this. People can remain fully clothed during a massage but, this will hinder your treatment, meaning you may not get the most out of it. If you wish, you can strip to your underwear. This is the way most people are treated. It gives access to all body parts required and gives you a good level of discretion. Your therapist will see only things that he needs to see.

Alternatively, you can with the agreement from your therapist (massuse), strip naked if you feel most comfortable this way. This is up to you and your massage therapist to discuss privately, between you before your treatment. It is up to you how you want to proceed, after all this is your personalised treament. All you have to do is tell us. Body parts that are not being worked on can remain covered with towels if you wish for warmth and to be even more dicreet. No matter how much clothing you choose to remove, your discretion is always 100% assured here. 

Where Do My Hands Go During My Treatment?

If it is a full body massage, your hands should stay on the massage table when you are face up, dangling down either side of the table when you are face down, or where ever your therapist (masseur) puts them. This is a relaxation treatment and if you start touching your masseuse, they may become uncomfortable. So please trust your therapist and allow them to so their job unhindered. It will be better for both of us.

What Happens If I Get an Erection?

Public Domain picture of a man by DavinciBecoming relaxed does different things to different people. One of those relaxation responses from your body can mean your penis becomes erect. Don’t worry, this is a healthy, normal, regular response for men. This reaction to relaxation can also happen to men when they awake in the morning after a relaxing sleep. Getting an erection is a perfectly normal human response to a good, relaxing massage. Therapists here are not concerned if it happens or if it doesn’t and neither should you be. It’s OK.

A professional, experienced therapist (masseuse) will have seen this reaction before. It can happen. It is nothing to worry about. Your erection will be covered by a towel. For you this means, your erection reaction is more discreet this way. A true professional will simply ignore it and continue with your soothing treatment, being very mindful of not getting too close to your genitals. You should not be concerned if this happens, or if it doesn’t. Simply enjoy your massage.

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