Aftercare Advice Can Make The Overall Feeling of Wellbeing Last

picture of path through woods at the begining of autumnAfter your massage we offer some simple, holistic advice to you. If you keep to this path as set out here, the aims should become a clear reality. The aims of this advice are to make sure your treatment and its good after effects are as fabulous as is possible. Also we want the good feelings to last as long as possible. So, here is how to have this happen for you!

Every person is different. This means every person will be affected differently by a massage treatment. After your massage you should feel a pleasant, overall feeling of wellbeing. This is one of the major benefits of treatment. Simply enjoy it.

However, there is a small chance you may experience mild side effects (contra-actions). Please don’t worry about this it is perfectly natural. Toxins (used fluids like deoxygenated blood and lymph) in your body are literally being pushed through your system, then being filtered out and replaced more quickly than usual. Any contra-actions should be gone in a short while.

What is certain is that we are aiding your body to heal itself with this treatment. To help you further in the healing process afterwards, please consider these guidelines as good things to do. They will help you to feel even better in yourself, for a longer period of time.

After Your Massage

picture of water in a glass on a table

  • Drink a glass of water. Water will help your body to flush out toxins.
  • Avoid alcohol, caffeine and nicotine for 24 hours. We are trying to detoxify your body. These substances won’t help you do that.
  • Make your next meal a light meal. Eating heavy meals takes energy to digest. Your body is busy cleaning toxins and needs energy for this.
  • Use your energy wisely for the next 24 hours. Try to avoid strenuous exercise.
  • Relax. Make time for yourself. Use breathing exercises and or mindfulness (mindful meditation) to aid this.
  • Avoid showering for a while. The oils used will nourish your skin.
  • Rest your body to aid the healing and cleansing processes.

General Lifestyle Advice

  • Do regular exercise.
  • Enjoy every moment that you can.
  • Eat less sugar and sugary foods.
  • Eat more fruit and vegetables.
  • Smile more often. Smiles are infectious. They make the world a happier place.

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