Being Naked / Nude / Unclothed is Fine With Us

Picture of a woman getting a back massage.Personally, I am not a nudist, but I am happy with nudity. We are happy for people to be naked during their massage. Being British and reserved does not mean we can’t enjoy being without clothes. It’s all private here so feel free to ask for a naked treatment. Call today to be nude during massage. We are happy if you are happy. 

Naked is Fine - If You Are Happy Like This So Are We

Standing free in a field with a mountain in the backgroundI will start off saying that I am not a nudist and I do not do naturist massages. This term means different this to different people but, we simply don’t do it, Sorry.

However, I am quite happy with nudity. I welcome people who want to have a naked massage here. I am happy with my own body and I am happy with other people’s bodies too. Massage without clothes does not have to be embarrassing if it is simply what you want. It does not matter what you think of your own body as I am totally non-judgemental about it. If you want a private place to strip off, you can have it here, it’s OK. I am happy to allow you the freedom to be nude here. Just ask.

Reserved British People Can Strip Off Happily Here Privately

What we offer you is the opportunity, no we offer you the freedom to be naked during your massage and to be frank, why on earth not? The British have a worldwide reputation for being reserved. This means we don’t get emotional, and we certainly don’t undress in front of strangers. But what if we want to relax and do just that? Well, the answer is to come for an appointment today. Being British does not mean you can’t enjoy yourself how you want to. Book a full body massage with us today. 07979 814388

How Private is Private? - 100%

Discreet cherub saying shhh. Privacy please.When we say your treatment is private, we mean it. We want you to be comfortable and we certainly want you to come back. So, we say nothing at all about your treatment. Everything that happens here is totally confidential. You can trust us to say nothing. Your trust and privacy are something we treasure and so, we will never break this agreement with you.

Undress the Amount You Are Happy With

Our motto here is, “As long as you are happy, we are happy”. What that means is you can undress as much as you feel comfortable and we are happy to treat you that way. So, if you want to keep your underwear on that is fine. If you want to be naked and keep your socks on, that too is fine. If you want to take it all off, go ahead or take the minimum of your clothing off because that’s OK too. Our aim is to please. We want you to relax completely and be completely comfortable during a relaxing treatment here. The choice is yours. However you want your treatment to be is OK.

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