Why we think massage should be discreet is detailed here. We assure all our clients we are 100% discreet in all aspects of your treatment. We adhere to voluntary codes of conduct which means we have to keep your details private and we are happy to do this. So now you know, book your appointment today?

Discreet Massage – Your Complete Privacy Always

Why should massage be discreet? Exactly how discreet is a treatment with Relaxing Massage in York and why is it like that? What are the codes of conduct we follow? These questions and many more are answered here in detail. We want to build a bond of trust with you as a client. That therapist client bond is a primary aim, a must for us. We think you will agree after reading this it is very desirable for you too. We aim to please you as best we can. We keep private how we please and who we please to ourselves. You and us will know. No one else will.

Why Should Massage be Discreet?

Read on for some really good reasons why your treatment is totally private here. OK, so let’s think about this question for a moment using a few other questions. This might help explain it bit better for you.

  1. To some extent you are a private person. You don’t want everyone to know everything about your business do you? What happens during a discreet Relaxing Massage is private. No one else will ever know.
  2. Imagine that you are stressed and are holding onto that stress in your tense muscles. This will be completely private information between you and your therapist that others don’t need to know.
  3. You booked last week and at last you are going to get your long-awaited massage. Would you prefer the entrance to be on a busy public street where everyone can see you go in or on a quiet road?
  4. Now, just imagine you are going to disrobe down to your underwear, as you would when trying on some new clothes. Do you want that to be in public or would you prefer it to be in a discreet environment?
  5. Next, imagine you are going to lay down as above. Then have someone manipulate your skin and underlying tissues to help you relax. Should everyone know this and see it or should it just be between you and your therapist?
  6. As your therapist relaxes you, you may inadvertently comment positively or sigh in pleasure due to that totally relaxing feeling as it happens. Only your therapist will recognise this when it happens here, no one else will ever know.
  7. You may be made of a bit more than skin and bone. What ever size you are is OK we do not judge you here. This is kept private it is not discussed with anyone else.
  8. Your other half might not like the idea of you being touched and soothed all over by another person. That’s OK too, we don’t tell anyone.

Exactly How Discreet & Private are Your Massages?

A massage treatment here is compleley discreet, 100% private. To quote and old film, “What happens at Relaxing Massage stays at Relaxing Massage”. You are treated as an honoured guest as you arrive, during your treatment and after you leave. We want you to trust us enough to come back again. We know you will enjoy your treatment but, you can also rely on how private we keep information about you. It is also stated in law we must do this and we are a law abiding company.

Codes of Conduct We Follow

We are also members of a number of well-known organisations. Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT), Complimentary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) & Associated Beauty Therapists (ABT). All of these have a code of conduct. We as professionals always adhere to these voluntary codes. These codes of conduct all agree about at least one topic and that is massage should be completely private. Your treatment will be completely discreet and totally private here.

Records are a Legal Requirement

When you get a treatment here, we keep private records that are secured for a 7 year period. These are kept by us for our purposes only and are never shown to anyone else. It is a legal requirement for us to keep these records. These records help us to treat you better. If we have background information about what you like and what you don’t like, this makes your treatment much better.