Choose Massage Therapy for its Benefits

Massage is an ancient, tried and tested method of helping people. Its relaxes you and helps your body get rid of toxins faster. It affects the body at every level from the chemicals our cells are made up of to your whole being.

Massage is an ancient therapeutic treatment that has had a resurgence in recent decades. You can trust in tried and tested ways of relieving tension, aches and pains in their bodies. It has a number of benefits that range from helping the body to cleanse itself, reducing tension and leaving you feeling very good by the end. Massage is a holistic treatment and it can have beneficial affects at every level of your bodies structure.

How You Can Benefit From Massage

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More Detail on Massage Benefits

Picture of woman dancing freely.One of the main benefits massage will give you is the increase in your circulation that it stimulates. This is done by warming the tissues and then pushing blood and other fluids through. Increasing circulation helps the body to remove toxins (lymph fluid) from the muscles and move them to the lymph capillaries, lymph vessels, lymph nodes (where filtering takes place) and finally your lymph ducts.

Another benefit of massage is that it helps to relax your muscles. This helps with stress. Stress can build up as tension in muscles. Releasing the tension will help you cope better with stress.

The final, wonderful end product of a good massage is it will leave you with a great general feeling of well-being. This may last for a few days if you take regular treatments.

Massage Affects All the Bodies Systems, at All Levels of its Structural Organisation

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  • At a chemical level nutrients and waist products are moved around quicker as circulation is increased.
  • At a cellular level cells are stimulated by friction heat.
  • At a tissue level muscles are made more extensible, flexible and or relaxed, releasing tension.
  • At an organ level correct techniques can help liver and heart function.
  • This affects us at system level in the digestive system and circulatory systems.
  • Thus, it can affect the whole body at an organismic level.
  • At a psychological level it can help relieve stress, which is prevalent in the modern world.
  • A good massage can also give you an all over feeling of well-being.
  • It is a truly holistic therapy that affects the whole of your being.

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