Overcome Your Uncertainty & Discomfort About Being Touched

Dont touch taboo needs breakingMany of us have fear and discomfort when it comes to the idea of touch. Thats OK really, we are not judging you for it this is very normal in Britain. Whether it’s due to societal conditioning, our upbringing  or other personal experiences, these feelings can be deeply ingrained in us. However, it’s important to recognize that these fears and discomforts can be overcome, especially when it comes to professional massage therapy. We are here to help. Call 07979 814388 to book your “me” time today!

We Acknowledge Your Feelings – It’s OK

Picture of a man giving a thumbs upThe first step in overcoming these barriers is acknowledging and accepting our feelings. It’s okay to feel uneasy or vulnerable about someone touching us, especially in a non-intimate setting. It’s important to validate these emotions and give ourselves permission to explore them. Its OK to feel like this, its normal. All you have to do is bite the bullet and try it. You won’t regret it.

Don’t Worry Be Happy

Towels and lit candles linking stress reduction using massageNext, it’s essential to educate ourselves about the benefits and professionalism of trained massage therapists. Understanding the extensive training and expertise that goes into becoming a massage therapist can help to alleviate any concerns we may have about their intentions or abilities. Knowing that they prioritize our well-being and comfort can create a sense of trust and reassurance. Understanding they are there to help you and keep everything within the boundaries you set out can help. If you have ticklish feet (or are ticklish anywhere else) just say so. Setting this boundary means a wide birth will be given to that area of your body.

Your Therapist Will Put You at Ease Before During & After

Communication is key in overcoming fear and discomfort around touch. Prior to a massage session, it’s important to have an open and honest conversation with the massage therapist. Sharing any concerns or reservations can help to set boundaries and ensure that the session is tailored to your specific needs and comfort level. It’s crucial to remember that we all have agency over our own bodies and can speak up at any time during the session if something doesn’t feel right. Its all about you when you are here and your therapist will listen to you.

Step by Step However You Are Most Comfortable

Hovering reiki healing hands over the headAnother helpful strategy is to start small and gradually build up our comfort levels. Trying different types of massage or techniques can help us to become more familiar with touch in the safe, comfortable, professional setting here. Calming music will be playing, the air will have relaxing scents in it. Its all good. We can start with lighter pressure and slowly increase it as you become more at ease. So, reiki would be the first step, fully clothed. Then gentle Swedish part clothed. Next maybe hot stone or deep tissue. Its all up to you.  You tell us what you would like and we will do that for you. Its that easy.

You Can Get Great Benefits – Call Today & Book In 07979 814388

Lastly, it’s important to remind ourselves of the numerous benefits that massage therapy can provide. From reducing stress and anxiety to improving circulation and muscle tension, massage therapy has the potential to greatly enhance our physical and mental well-being. By focusing on the positive outcomes, we can reframe our perspective and approach touch and massage with a sense of curiosity and openness. Come and enjoy yourself in the Relaxation Room in York today!

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