The Importance of Communication During Your Massage - Its Crucial

happy man communicating needs wants and desiresEffective communication is crucial during a non-sexual yet still sensual massage session, especially for gay, bisexual and curious men to build trust with your therapist. Communication during your intake interview allows mutual boundaries to be set before treatment starts. It sets the foundation for a safe and enjoyable experience, ensuring that both the client and the massage therapist are on the same page and able to fully engage in the session. Start by explaining what you want in the intake interview. Speak up about the pressures being used. if you want more or less, just say so. Communication of pleasure with purrs or umms and ahhs is good too. Boundaries are set and not overstepped just say what you want and don’t want. Talk to your therapist to allow a safe and comfortable experience for you both.  

It All Starts With an Informal Chat in Your Intake Interview

relax,breath,unwind during your mindful massage treatmentFirst and most importantly, communication before treatment begins will take place during your intake interview. This is the perfect time for you as a gay man, or bisexual man and your male therapist to establish boundaries and express your expectations, wants, needs and desires. Before the massage begins, take a moment to discuss your comfort level, any specific areas you would like the therapist to focus on, and any areas that are off-limits. Tell your therapist if you have aches and pains anywhere you would like him to address and then extra time can be spent there. Also tell your therapist if you have recent wounds or are particularly tender anywhere so this part of your body can be avoided. The intake opens a good, friendly dialogue between the two of you and ensures that the massage therapist understands your preferences and can personalise / tailor your massage experience to meet your individual needs.

Keep Telling Us What You Like Throughout Treatment

Keeps comms open throughout your treatmentDuring the massage, please make a point of speaking up if something feels uncomfortable or if you need any adjustments. The massage therapist is there to create a relaxing and pleasurable experience for you, and they rely on your feedback to ensure that you are comfortable and enjoying the session. If the pressure is too firm or too light just say so and your treatment will be corrected. If there are any specific techniques that you prefer, the ones that make you go mmmmmm yes, let them know. The more you tell your therapist during treatment what is nice, however you tell them, the more of this they can do for you. After all, lets be honest here, your satisfaction is the top priority in the time you have paid for. Its all about you while you are here being pampered head to foot

Non-Verbal Communication is Great Purring & Sighing is Good

Cat winking at the idea of purring during massageCommunication also extends beyond verbal cues. Non-verbal communication, such as body language, individual muscles reaction to massage strokes and even gasps of pleasure, can be equally important in conveying your comfort level and preferences. On many occasions I have had a male client quietly purr, gaps and then sigh on the table as I move over an area they find particularly pleasant. This is perfect for your therapist as they will understand more about what you are feeling right here, right now. This is still what I consider non-verbal because you are saying something, expressing your pleasure to me without using words. As a therapist I will respond by noting where and how I am treating you when this happens and do more of that given the opportunity. Men are particularly prone to groan with pleasure when I move over their back and shoulders because, that’s where many guys hold onto stress as muscle tension. It is worth you paying attention to your own reactions and be aware of how your body is responding to the touch and where it is particularly nice. Just imagine what you can do with this knowledge when you are in a more intimate setting with someone you love.

Heterosexual Men Should Always Say What They Want

trust is importantFor those who identify as heterosexual, communication is especially important. It’s crucial for you to express your boundaries so we can build a bond of trust. Once you say what you want and don’t want this will ensure that the male massage therapist understands and respects your personal boundaries. This may include discussing what types of touch are comfortable for you (light, medium or deep pressures are available). Also speak up about any areas that you do not wish to be touched. Many people find touch intrusive in specific areas, like their feet or their tummy because they are overly ticklish there. Your therapist will understand and stay away if you tell them to do so. Bursting into laughter as someone touches a part of your body is not always the most relaxing of experiences. Although we are experts in relaxing you, we are not mind-readers and do need to be told about these things. Remember, the goal of a deliciously sensual, non-sexual massage is to provide a pleasure during a nurturing experience that promotes relaxation and self-discovery. It should never involve any activities that make you feel uncomfortable or go against your boundaries.

Effective Open Honest Communication Leads to Great Massage

Self discovery is only a phone call awayBy fostering open and honest communication before, during and after your massage session, you can ensure that you have a positive and fulfilling experience. A massage here is really about stress relief and relaxation and not in any way about seduction. Effective communication allows the massage therapist to create a safe and non-judgmental space for you to explore sensuality and connect with your body privately and confidentially. It also helps to establish a bond trust between you and build a strong rapport, enabling you to fully relax and enjoy the benefits of this massage and even more so for any you book in the future. It may feel like you’re being ultimately seduced during your treatment and that is fine for you to imagine but, really thought discussion you should realise it is all about allowing you to let go and simply … relax … yes.

In summary, communication is key during what can be a sensual, pleasing, relaxing, soothing and yet non-sexual massage session. It allows you to establish boundaries, express your needs and desires, and ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable experience. Remember to communicate both verbally and non-verbally, and don’t hesitate to speak up if anything feels uncomfortable or if adjustments are needed. We are only here to please you and will do our very best to make sure that happens sir.

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