Mindfully Catch The Dawn Chorus For a Great Start to Your Day

Picture of a bird singing the daen chorus in the morningStart your day right every day. Put a smile on your face and enjoy the moment. It’s really is just so very easy to do.

We and those around us all gain benefit by being in a good mood. This is especially the case first thing in the morning, as the sun rises and wildlife wakes from slumbers. See what happens when you do the below. You might get a great surprise on how easy it is to put yourself in a good place first thing. I do this every morning and it does me a world of good. I hope it works for you too.

As you wake up first thing in the morning make a point of going to open a window or a door to the outside. This is best done in a place you will not be interrupted. A quiet room on your own or the back yard are good choices. Wait there for 5 minutes or so.

Use all of your senses to feel and listen to what is happening outside. Try to really be there and experience what is happening using all your senses. Hear the bird song. Feel the breeze as it blows over your skin. See natures greens and colours. Smell what there is in the morning air. You can do this with a coffee or tea. If you do, sip it slowly run it round your mouth and really taste it.

This small thing is really easy to do so you have no excuses. Do it as often as you like. The more often the better it is for you.