Our Aims are for You to Relax Completely & Really Enjoy Yourself

Just rleax text over hillside with riverAt relaxing massage, we always aim to please. Relax and enjoy the quiet, serene, Relaxation Room in York. This is your completely private space, made just for you to enjoy your treatment. You deserve some dedicated “me” time. Call 078979 814388 to book your appointment today!

Your Relaxation, Enjoyment and Pleasure are Our Goals

Massage treatment here by its very nature is a pleasant experience. We have a primary goal which is to allow you to completely relax. From the time you come in the door to the time you float back out we want you to enjoy yourself. Simply indulge in our professional touch and experience and allow yourself to relax, completely. You deserve it and you are very welcome to.

Your Relaxation Room in York - Designed With You in Mind

relax,breath,unwind during your mindfful massage treatmentThe relaxation room was designed for one thing only. That is so you can enjoy the wonders of the “best massage ever” (according to our clients), in a quiet. soothing environment. We have gone out of our way to make this space a place for you to simply, bliss out in. As you enter you will notice the soothing sounds of relaxing, soft music. Perhaps the sounds of some ocean waves, maybe some birds singing and a babbling brook nearby. Next you will notice the pictures of the lovely evening sun setting as you sit down. Then across the room the sunshine streaming gently though the trees in a peaceful forest. It is all this way for you so you can simply lay back and .. ahhhh yes … relax.

100% Private - Privacy is a Must for Complete Relaxation

The Relaxation Room in York is ready and waiting for you.
Come and get discreetly pampered in blissful comfort in the Relaxation Room York England.

This space is completely private, making it just right for you. Hidden away on a quiet street, just off Boroughbridge Road, in a safe, residential area. Your arrival will be noticed by no one until you knock or ring the bell at your agreed appointment time.

As you are warmly welcomed in the door by Kevin (head massage therapist), it is locked firmly behind you and the keys left in the door. A notice to others is put on the frosted glass door which reads, “THERAPY IN PROGRESS Please do not knock or ring the doorbell. Thank you.” So, we should not be disturbed at all. Phones should be put on silent.

Now, no one wants anything from you, no one needs anything from you. All that needs to happen is for you lay back and be allow your sensual massage experience begin. Yes. This is the right place to book some, private, relaxing time for yourself right now. Call Kevin today on 07979 814388

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