Explore Gay Friendly Massage From a Male Therapist in York

Man on man sensual massage that is non-sexualAre you a gay or bisexual man looking for a safe and discreet full body massage experience? Look no further! Our gay-friendly and bisexual-friendly massage service offers you a theraputic massage for men by men. Our professional male therapists in York specialise in providing a very relaxing, pleasurable massage experience in an environment that is free of any judgement. Come explore for yourself what happens to your mind / body connection during treatment in a safe, confidential, nonjudgmental and private environment and you may leave feeling empowered, refreshed, invigorated and rejuvenated all at the same time. Personal, private, “me” time here allows you to really indugle all of your senses as you relax, completely. Call or text 07979 814388 today to book your appointment.

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Exploration Starts Here - Experience Non-Sexual Male to Male Massage

Gay massage man2man does not need to be sexual to explore your sexuality safely

Explore your personal mind and body connection while you are relaxing. You are very free when you come for treatment here. Free to relax anywhere you wish in your mind’s eye while you are laying here. You might choose to be somewhere imaginary or somehere real, somewhere you remember being on a splendid beach, in your favourite holiday destination or simply relaxing in your private, peaceful place. It is up to you where you go as you drift with your thoughts in the dream like state massage can provide.

Full body treatments for men, by men are always available here for an hour (this goes quickly), 1.5 hours (much slower, less rushed and more relaxing) or 2 hours (the ultimate for relaxation and stress relief). Your treatment here is always theraputic in nature and wonderful to feel.. Your treatment here is all about relaxation.


What is a Gay Friendly Theraputic Non-Sexual Massage?

Enjoying sensual non-sexual massage by a man

Your gay-friendly or bi-sexual friendly therapeutic, non-sexual massage here is a personalised, unique and fulfilling experience. It is tailored to your needs as a man. This allows you to really explore your own individual mind-body connection in a safe, private and non-judgmental environment. It’s important to understand that this type of massage is not meant to be sexual in nature in any way. That is not and never will be the aim or intent of your treatment here.

Rather than that, it focuses on providing a tremendous multi-sensory. physically and mentally gratifying experience that promotes relaxation, wellbeing and stress relief. The soothing, pampering, relaxing treatment you get here allows you to explore what’s happening using all of your senses. Through all this you can get sensory stress relief and completely fulfilling relaxation.

If your mind and body lead your mind into expressing itself by becoming aroused and you get an erection, don’t worry. We will never judge anyone for this. It happens. It’s a healthy, normal, natural male response to relaxation. Your therapist is an experienced professional and knows this is a perfectly natural, physiological male response to treatment for some men (most men if I am honest with you). However, we would ask you to please remember to always respect your therapist’s personal space and boundaries as laid out here. Your therapist will offer you caring touch but, please do not touch your therapist.

Explore & Find Yourself by Moving Beyond Traditional Massage

Gay massage does not lead to orgasm but does allow you into exploring your sexuality through a sensual experience.Unlike traditional massages, which typically targets specific muscles with tension and can promotes accelerated physical healing, your theraputic massage here offers all the benefits of this yet, goes beyond the physical realm. It can allow you to tap into the deeper connection between mind, body and spirit creating an experience that can be both physically stimulating yet, mentally relaxing and emotionally fulfilling at the same time. It empowers you to freely explore who you are during treatment non-judgmentally. 

We don’t judge you for becoming relaxed, we don’t judge you for obviously enjoying yourself how ever you or your body express this. An occasional sigh or gasp of pleasure is allowed, give yourself permission to enjoy. It is all ok here in this private, confidental space.

We can guide you mindfully toward relaxation and we allow you the freedom to enjoy the expereince as it happens and in your imagination. You are free here and welcome to go with your thoughts as opposed to fighting against them, as long as your hands remain where your therapist puts them, you will happily be asked to return again. Just indulge in your experience as a man in the moment, as you are treated to a soothing pamping by another man, being mindful of massage etiquette.   

Boost Your Wellbeing by Freely Indulging All Your Senses

During your massage, your therapist will use a variety of techniques. These can stimulate the senses and calm your mind. It can awaken the body’s natural energy flow or chi if you want it to. The trick is to give yourself permission to lay back, let go, really, honestly enjoy yourself and the therapy you are receiving in the moment.

  • Treatment can start with guided breathing technique (relaxation in, tension out) to calm you. You will be asked if you wish to indulge your senses further using aromatherapy oils.
  • Next, the oils are warmed to body temperature and spread over your body using slow, tender, soothing effleurage strokes that stimulate your senses. Through gentle touch, both long and short soothing strokes, they create a space where you can fully relax and let go of any tension or stress you may be carrying.
  • Then deeper pressure strokes are used to really get down into where your muscles are holding onto stress as tension.
  • Next some more invigorating percussion strokes are used to allow your body fluids and chi to flow more freely.
  • Lastly, we move back to the tender, soothing, soft effleurage while moving to the next part of your body.

Please Respect Your Therapists Boundaries - Consent is Important

Private no touching allowed tabooYour therapist is with you to do amazing things to you to help you relax and enjoy yourself. However, there are boundaries that must be respected and that cannot be overstepped during your treatment here. It’s important to note that our therputic massage is what it says it is, its all in the name. The focus is on providing a nurturing, caring and intimate experience that allows you to explore your mind and body without any judgment from anyone.

One of the key elements of theraputic, non-sexual massage is consent and communication. It is essential to establish these boundaries and communicate your needs and desires with the massage therapist before the session begins. This ensures that both parties are on the same page and your can fully enjoy the experience freely. We thank you for your understanding in these matters.

For gay, bicurious and bisexual men, our non-sexual yet, super multi-sensual massage can be an empowering and transformative experience. It offers you a safe, comfortable, quiet space to explore and happily connect with your body in a way that feels comfortable and authentic for you. When you’re curious about massage, this is the right, safe, nonjudgmental place to find your own mind / body connection. Call us today 07979 814388 when you are seeking a truely pleasurable, ultimatly relaxing, freeing experience via massage in York. It can be a wonderful opportunity for self-discovery and also for your personal self-care.

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