Your Privacy & Being Comfortable is Important During Discreet Massage

Logo of the Federation of Holistic Therapists which we are members of.Your privacy, modesty and dignity as a client are respected very highly here at Relaxing Massage York. We always aim to keep areas of your body not being worked on covered with clean towels. This is for your privacy and also to keep you warm. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible throughout your treatment. Getting undressed to some extent is required in all forms of full body massage but, not during Indian Head treatments. You can disrobe privately here, either in a private room or behind a large privacy screen.

You Will be Made to Feel Very Comfortable

The Relaxation Room in York is ready and waiting for you.
Come and get discreetly pampered in blissful comfort in the Relaxation Room York England.

Being comfortable here means 3 things. Firstly towels will keep you warm. Your blood pressure tends to drop during a treatment. This means if you are lying down without towels covering you, you may start to feel cold. No one is comfortable when they are cold.

Secondly being comfortable with a professional in the modern world generally means both of you being covered with clothes. However, there is a need to access bare skin during Swedish and Deep Tissue massages. This means clients should strip down as far as they are comfortable. Usually this will be down to your underwear. For whatever reason, if you do not wish to remove clothing we will respect your decision. However, this may restrict the treatment we can give you.

Privacy Screen or a Private Changing Room

There are 2 options available for you here when you get undressed. Firstly, most people are happy to get undressed down to their underwear behind the privacy screens we provide. The screens are placed respectfully so you are in your own private space. You will also be offered a towel to cover yourself with when walking the few steps to the massage table from behind the screen. Your masseur will also be holding a towel up in front of his eyes. This is so that majority of your skin will not be seen until it is uncovered during treatment.

Secondly you can choose to get changed in another room all together. There is a private room next to the relaxation room with a sink, shower and toilet en-suite. You are welcome to use this space for even more privacy, as you get undressed.

Towels to Cover You & Keep You Comfortable

Picture of candles and towels that later you will be wrapped in to keep you warm.Lastly, offering you a modesty towel to cover yourself after disrobing will make you more comfortable. Also covering you in clean towels, that can be moved to expose just the body area being worked on, makes people more comfortable. You being comfortable throughout your massage is imperative. This is so the treatment can have the most beneficial effect. So you will get covered in clean towels during your treatment.

Totally Discreet Confidential Massage - We Don't Discuss Anything About Anyone

Discreet cherub saying shhh. Privacy please.To be happy to get a massage here, you must trust us. We promise you total discretion while you are here and with your treatment record. All information you give us is confidential. To make sure you do trust us we promise never to talk to anyone about your treatment, apart from you. We only very occasionally will ask your permission to contact another health professional on your behalf. We work with the full understanding of guidance offered to us as health professionals by the NHS, which can be read here >>>

The Same Great Service for All

Everyone who makes an appointment gets the same professional service. We will not discriminate or judge you due to your sexuality, weight, gender, ethnicity, beliefs, social status, any disability, economic status, height, lifestyle, your age or culture. None of these will affect the great service we offer you.

Simply put, we are here to help you. We do that with an open mind, the true holistic way. We may however offer you our professionally considered opinion, that being holistic advice, on how to lead a healthy lifestyle.