Blissful Hot Stone Massage in York UK – £35/30 mins £70/hour

Picture of hot stones place on a woman back during a treatment.We offer you qualified, trained professionals for your massage treatment here. Stones are warmed to a safe, comfortable temperature and then rubbed all over your oiled body. There are a number of wonderful soothing techniques that will be used to release some of that stress your muscles hold onto as tension. There are many scientific studies that prove this mode of massage is beneficial to you and it feels absolutely divine. Call 07979 814388 today and book in for your pampering relief in York.

Hot Stone Massage is Available Here – Your Wonderful Heat Treatment

Blissful, stress relieving hot stone massage is available at Relaxing Massage in York. Treatment costs £35 / half hour session or £70 for a full hour. A half hour can be an add-on to any other style of massage. Alternatively, you can enjoy a dedicated 1 hour treatment for tension release, stress relief and a wellbeing boost. It is performed by a professional, qualified, insured therapist (Kevin) who has had dedicated training in this discipline. Come, relax, and be pampered with the wonderful warming massage today! Call 07979 814388 to book your appointment.

Hot Stone Massage Explained in Simple Terms

Picture of hot stones massage on a mans back.

Hot stone treatments involve using warm, smooth, volcanic, basalt stones. These are heated to a comfortable, safe temperature and then used massage your oiled body. They can also be placed on your body at therapeutic locations to soothe you, usually with a towel between you and the stones. There are a number of different comforting techniques that your fully trained therapist can use in this style of therapy. Heat has been used in healing for thousands of years and can benefit your body and your wellbeing in a number of ways. Look at it like this, when a child falls over onto their knees the first thing they do is rub the area, warming the tissues.  It’s a natural response. Hot stone therapy can be used as a standalone treatment (1 full hour of bliss) or as a wonderful addition to Swedish massage (30 minutes of oooohhhh yes).

Techniques Used in Stone Massage Treatments

  • Before you arrive, the stones are safely heated to a comfortable temperature in a professional, dedicated, thermostat controlled, massage stone heating bag. It takes about an hour for them to warm up properly. This is why booking in advance is essential.
  • The first technique a well-trained therapist will perform is to make sure you are happy with the temperature of the stones. This means testing the temperature in their owns hands and then quickly and gently touching you (cat pawing) and asking, “Is that temperature OK for you?”.
  • If the stones temperature is OK, then massage can begin. If they are too hot, then they will be cooled in the therapist’s hands and those warm hands will gently massage you. You are then asked again. This is repeated until the stones just perfect for you as an individual.
  • Cat Pawing strokes are small quick movements across or along the muscles. This is a good way of testing the temperature is right for you.
  • Effleurage strokes with the stones are gentle, soothing, motions along the muscles being worked on.
  • Stripping is running hot stones the full length of the thigh, calf, back or arms muscles.
  • Rocking strokes are using a rocking motion whereby, the flat side of a hot stone rocked back and forth to sooth away muscle tension.
  • Vibrations are used to stimulate tense tissues into giving up that tension.
  • Tapping is gently tapping one stone with another over and along your muscles. This is a truly delightful feeling.
  • Holding is used once the stone have cooled down slightly. Placing the warm stone on muscles and gently pressing, until you feel them relax even more.
Benefits of Hot Stone Treatments – The Proof

Picture of hot stones piled up on a stoney shory top signify balance massage can being massaged.There is plenty of scientific proof of the benefits you can get from this wonderful heat treatment. Below is just some of the evidence we have chosen. All are from reliable authors at respected establishment.

The American Society for Clinical Oncology says a 2014 a study shows all 113 hot stone treatments that were assessed were given a remarkable 100% satisfaction rating when used in a palliative care environment. This study goes on to say there was a decrease in many of the patients’ symptoms of fatigue, anxiety, pain, nausea and depression. Also it reported a high percentage of patients had an increase in wellbeing.

Also, Ghavami H et al (2019) tells us in the Journal of Research into Medical Science that hot stone massage can increase the quality of sleep in patients with chronic kidney failure and receiving dialysis. The article also says sleep disorders lead to a reduced quality of life for individuals with kidney failure as well as many others around them. Poor sleep quality is also related to an increase in other health risks, and mortality in these patients. The study also says bad sleep can lead to anxiety, difficulty focusing, fatigue, low pain tolerance, despair and unhappiness. In short, hot stones are worth trying for several reasons.

Additionally, in the South Asian Research Journal of Applied Medical Sciences, author Romova E (2021) from MIT University says using hot, volcanic, lava stones have favourable outcomes on those suffering with muscular aches and pains. Also, this type of heat treatment has a lot of history in the Far East and has been used there for 100’s or years. It is popular today around the world because of its documented benefits.