The Role of Massage Therapy in Anxiety Relief Today

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Managing anxiety with massage is becoming an increasingly popular alternative and or complement to medication. Numerous studies have shown that massage therapy can help reduce anxiety levels in individuals suffering from the disorder. For example, a study conducted by Field T et al (1992) on hospitalized children and adolescents found that a 30-minute back massage given daily for five days had a positive effect on the subjects’ depression and anxious adjustment disorder.


Scientific Studies Show Evidence

Additionally, massage therapy has been found to have physical and psychological benefits for anxious clients in many othe rstudies. Another example is Bilhult A (2009) report tells of many individuals experience relaxation of both body and mind. There was also decreased anxiety, increased self-confidence and unconditional attention during and after massage sessions shown.

Much Proof is Available Showing the Truth

Gentle massage of shoulder to release tensionScience says it is not just the young that can benefit. Mok E (2004) mentions elderly stroke patients in a rehabilitative setting have also benefited from massage therapy. One study found that massage helped reduce anxiety and pain levels in these patients. Finally, Ayik (2019) says preoperative patients have also benefited from massage, with studies showing that it can increase sleep quality and reduce anxiety levels before surgery.

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Overall, massage therapy is a great natural remedy for anxiety that has numerous benefits. If you are searching for how to reduce anxiety, it is worth considering it and giving massage therapy a try.

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