Indian Head Massage in York £35

Indian head massage therapy uses classic massage strokes to help relax you. It can relieve stress that has mounted up giving you an uncomfortable, tight neck and shoulders. It can be performed fully clothed, in a short 20 minute session yet, still give you great stress relief.

Picture of woman getting Indian head massageClassic strokes are used to manipulate your skin, muscles and tendons. Its name is slightly misleading as it not just your head that gets a massage. Your therapists hands are used on the upper arms, shoulders, across the upper back, on the neck, scalp and face. So your upper body is getting the treatment.

Reasons to Have Regular Treatments

There are good reasons for all the upper body being massaged. In scientific terms, tension caused by stress can mount up in many areas of the body. The neck and shoulders are two of the areas where this happens to a lot of people. You can see stress in some people as they can have tight shoulders that are pulled up or forward. Massage will help to relieve tension in your muscles by relaxing then and thus help to relieve your stress.

It is also theorised that the upper body and head are where the main “chakras” are. So massaging to align the energy fields around these, can help the entire being.

Any Where – Any Time – 20 Minutes of Bliss

Additionally, its techniques are less intimate than other forms of massage as it can be performed on a fully clothed person. So it can be used without any embarrassment on staff in a modern work placed where stress is an issue.

It will take about 20 minutes to perform. So, it can be performed without taking up too much of your valuable time. This is a particularly important in today’s busy world.