Enjoy the Professionalism of Well-Trained Massage Therapists Here

Just relax text over hillside with riverOne of the key factors in overcoming the touch boundaries in Western society is understanding and appreciating the true professionalism of trained massage therapists. It’s essential to recognize that these individuals have dedicated their time and expertise to mastering the art of massage therapy just for you to enjoy. Call 07979 814388 today to treat yourself to the real deal.

Well Trained in All Aspects on the Human Body

Public Domain picture of a man by DavinciToday at relaxing massage our professional therapists undergo extensive training and education to acquire the skills necessary to provide effective and safe treatments. They learn various massage techniques, anatomy, physiology, and pathology, allowing them to assess your needs and tailor their treatments accordingly. Each time you come to us we will personalise your treatment with a diagnostic intake interview. Then and only then we offer you what you and your body need and want most.

Ethical Boundaries & Confidentiality

Logo of the Federation of Holistic Therapists which we are members of.Their professionalism goes beyond their technical knowledge. They adhere to a strict Federation of Holistic Therapist’s (FHT) code of ethics. We also prioritize your well-being and comfort always. It’s all about you while you are here. This includes maintaining confidentiality, establishing boundaries, and obtaining informed consent before beginning any treatment.

Trust Us – We Know How to Relax You

Trained massage therapists understand the power dynamics at play during a massage session and take steps to maintain a safe and equal environment. They work to build a trusting, caring relationship and rapport with you. This will  ensure that you feel respected and in control of your own body and your treatment here. There is usually a level of trace like relaxation that comes with treatment but, we will always be asking you what you want throughout. A simple 1-word answer to the question “is that nice?”. a light groan of pleasure or discomfort will be responded to by your professional here.   

Fully Explained on the Day

During your massage intake, a trained therapist will create a professional and respectful environment. They will explain the process, ask for any relevant medical history or concerns, and ensure that the client feels comfortable and empowered throughout the experience. Communication is encouraged and welcomed, as your therapist wants to provide the best possible personalised treatment for you. Its all just for you. Time is put on pause while you are here. Lay back … enjoy… relax …yes.

Always Clean Towels & Equipment

Your therapist here are also knowledgeable about hygiene and sanitation practices. We implement rigorous cleaning protocols to protect your health and well-being. We use clean towels, covers and sanitary paper rolls , properly sanitized equipment, and follow industry standards to maintain a clean and safe treatment environment.

We Are Here For You – This is Your Time

By understanding and appreciating the professionalism of your well trained massage therapist here, a deeper trust in the process can develop more easily. Understanding that they are experts in their field and have our best interests at heart allows us to let go of any apprehensions or reservations. This reassurance creates a foundation of trust, making the experience more comfortable and enjoyable for you.


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