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Relaxing Massage York - Holistic Complementary Therapy

Kevin is your lead therapist and will be happy to treat you to some good relaxation.

The best massage in York is available for you to book today. Come and treat yourself to everything a qualified, experienced male therapist can offer you. Permit yourself the time to feel the serene calm and the wonderful blissful nature of proven therapy benefits. Boost your well-being by simply laying back and letting a professional pamper you.

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Offering you a truly therapeutic, completely relaxing, totally discreet massage in York. Bliss out in what is your perfect private pampering session. Your therapist has 30 years of experience, is fully qualified and insured.

The location is  nestled on a quiet street in Acomb, York. Your relaxation room is soundproofed, warm and comfortable.  This is the perfect place for you to totally relax.

Take the time to enjoy some low lighting, pleasant, calm decor, aromatics of your choice and relaxing sounds of nature around you.

A professional, comfortable massage couch is yours for the asking.

Your couch is freshly covered in clean hygienic massage paper roll.

Fresh clean towels are placed over you, to cover you, to keep you warm and comfortable. Your privacy is very important.

Picture of massage table in the relaxation room in Acomb

Now it is time for you to lay back and … relax. Yes indeed. No one needs anything from you, no one wants you to do anything at all, this is your “me” time. Enjoy!

Stress is high in the modern world. It can mount up as tension in your muscles. A professional massage can help to relieve that tension.

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By the end of your treatment your body and mind will be relaxed. Toxins in your muscles will have been pushed away and filtered out. An overall feeling of well-being, is what you will experience and be able to take away with you into the rest of your day.

Health Benefits

A therapeutic treatment here can aid your health. Reductions in blood pressure are well documented. This therapy can also help you sleep.

Men and women alike need a caring touch. Experience the delights of a personal pampering by a qualified professional. Call to book your quality “me” time today!

Enjoying some relaxation is a must in today’s busy world. We want you to do just that. Relax and de-stress with some expert help.

Make Time For Yourself - You Deserve it!

Todays frantic world puts us into autopilot for much of our time. Come to enjoy time for yourself, where you can simply drift off into being totally relaxed, with the help of a professional’s caring hands.