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Research on Massage & Holistic Therapy Blog

These articles are the latest news from us about massage. Articles here are all well referenced. So we are telling you the truth about massage, according to well respected authors and organisations. Any new articles will be posted here as they are produced. So please bookmark the page and come back soon for more. Happy reading.

Non-judgemental Chubby Mens Massage - Large Set Guys Need Pampering Too

Larger man getting massaged

Being large does not mean you can't get a nice pampering. When we say we are non-judgemental we mean it. It's OK to be big, chubby, overweight, large set, heavy framed. No matter how shy you may be, we will make certain you feel really at home here. You can disrobe behind a privacy screen if you wish. Your therapist can hold a towel up in front of his eyes as you walk to the table. You can wear a towel around you if you wish too. What ever it takes to make you comfortable is OK.

Discreet Massage in York - 100% Privacy Always

Picture if discreet cherub going shh

Why we think massage should be discreet is detailed here. We assure all our clients we are 100% discreet in all aspects of your treatment. We adhere to voluntary codes of conduct which means we have to keep your details private and we are happy to do this. So now you know, book your appointment today?

Myofascial Release Massage for Pain

Myofascial release massage works on tissues just under the skin called fascia. When fascia become damaged and or inflexible it can cause you pain. Techniques used in this therapy help to heal and stretch what were tight tissues. This can help with pain originating from here and can benefit you other ways too. There are a lot of scientific studies that say it does work and work well for people. Come and get some of these benefits for yourself today!

Getting a Massage Do’s & Don’ts - Etiquette for Men’s Massage

Men worry about getting a massages simply because it is new the them. This makes them unsure. Don’t worry, we are here to help and put your mind at ease. This is a guide to massage etiquette before, during and after your treatment. It contains simple answers to many questions about correct behaviour that many guys have. Any therapist will be happy to treat you and have you return if you keep to these simple to understand ethical guidelines.

Naked Massage Treatments - Undraped Massage Therapy

Image of freedom figure standing on a beach under a sunset

You have the freedom to choose what type of massage you receive here. You can also choose how much clothing you wish to wear when getting treated. You can be fully clothed, you can be naked and covered with blankets or, you can be naked and undraped (without any towel covers at all). It is up to you and we respect your choice and your privacy in doing so.

How to Do Effleurage Massage Strokes

Effleurage is the lightest style of massage stroke. It is used at the beginning of a massage to spread oil over the body and to warm up superficial tissues. It is used as you move between areas of the body to make sure your client knows you are still there.

Ankle Joint and Foot Movement

Anyone can suffer from ankle mobility problems. The ankle is one of the most used joints in the body. Here we look at what movements the foot and ankle do and the muscles used by them in movements. To help someone, you must understand your subject first.

Wringing Petrissage Stroke - How to Where to & Effects

Wringing is what is termed a medium depth stroke. These are deeper strokes than effleurage that stimulate muscle tissue under the epidermis and dermis. It is done using 2 hands, pulling flesh and then pushing it together. Therapist look like they are dancing as they use this technique. There are many benefits to using this stroke including, aiding circulation, stimulating the filtering of toxins and relaxing muscles.

Kneading Strokes - Palmer Digital Thumb and Ulnar Border

Kneading is a petrissage stroke used generally after effluerage. The technique is similar in motion to kneading bread. It is a medium depth stroke that relaxes muscle tension and stimulates the skin. It can be done with palms, fingers, thumbs or the side of the hand. its benefits are many to skin, muscles and bone.

Gratitude Makes For Better Relationships

All relationships have ups and downs. If you both express gratitude, it will help you both. Simple things, like doing the washing up, can be taken for granted. Take note of what the other person does, show appreciation and it will keep your relationship in better place.

Mindfulness – Help With Autopilot Worry Negativity – Mindful Being

In todays fast paced world living in your head, on autopilot, with persistent negative worries is common. Lots of people in different walks of life live like this without actually realising it. Mindfulness can help by allowing you to spend meditative time giving yourself a choice of being on autopilot or simply being you. Personally I prefer the latter.