Your Privacy & Being Comfortable is Important During Discreet Massage

We respect your privacy very much at Relaxing Massage in York. You can be covered in clean towels during a massage to keep you warm and for your privacy. To get the most benefit out of a treatment you have to be comfortable and that is also a top priority here. With full body treatment, your skin will have to be accessible. So you will have to undress to some extent. We offer you privacy screens and or another private room to disrobe in. Your treatment here is also totally discreet and any information we take from you is confidential. Everyone gets the same great service here no matter what.

Discreet Massage in York – 100% Privacy Always

trust is important

Why we think massage should be discreet is detailed here. We assure all our clients we are 100% discreet in all aspects of your treatment. We adhere to voluntary codes of conduct which means we have to keep your details private and we are happy to do this. So now you know, book your appointment today 07979 814 388