Massage For Men in York – Relaxation is Good For Male Clients

Picture of a older gentleman getting a back massage

We are specialists in giving men a great, relaxing full body treatment which includes a soothing back massage. Also we offer men over 60 years a discount for 1 hour treatments. More people get massages now than ever before. It is as important for men as for women. But, not many men go for treatments. They should really as treatment helps specific male health issues. Choose a treatment here and afterwards you will feel like a new man. Try reading our guide to massage etiquette for men if this is your first time.

Naked Massage Treatments – Undraped Massage Therapy

Picture of man being free on a beach to dress as much or litttle as he wants to.

Naked Massage Treatments – Undraped Massage Therapy We offer you the freedom to choose what type of massage you receive here. You can also choose how much clothing you wish to wear while you are recieving your relaxing treatment. You can choose be fully clothed, you can also be naked and covered with blankets or, […]

I am Happy With Nudity – Why Wear Clothes?

Standing free in a field with a mountain in the background

You have the freedom and privacy here to have your massage the way you want to have it. It is completely up to you how much clothing you wear or don’t wear during your personalised treatment. However it is you are comfortable we are happy with that.