Help Yourself Toward Positive Thinking - Write a Gratitude Diary

Write a gratitude diary to improve well-beingYour wellbeing and happiness in life can be helped by a few simple things. One of those things is keeping detailed notes a few times a week of the things you are grateful for. Try it. It does not take long and may help you too.

Begin today by listing 3 to 5 things you are grateful for. Then 2 more times this week (not daily) repeat this exercise so as to get the most benefit from it.

Easy Quick Boost to Your Wellbeing

Try to choose the best ones that pop into your mind, not all of them. As examples:

  • You may be grateful for someone helping you at work.
  • You might want to offer gratitude for a gift someone gave you.
  • You might be grateful for the good service you received in a coffee shop.
  • Even better, you might be grateful for something your partner has done for you like washing your cloths.


With the last one you can do something to make your family life better as well. Why not go and tell them that and watch their face light up. There are endless possibilities. It is up to you to choose them. Try to see the good life is offering you as gifts you want and like.

Be as detailed as you like with each of your diary entries. To help with this you might try to relive the moment something positive happened to you. You will benefit more from this practice if each of your diary entries is a paragraph, rather than a sentence.

How Can / Will Gratitude Help Me?

Gratitude for the sun and sunsetThis practice works by allowing you to dwell on the positive, good things that have happened to you in life. Also writing things down makes you embed them better in your memory. Thus, they will be easier to recall, just like making notes when you are studying. Lastly, the more detail you write, the greater emotional impact will be for you.

Let’s face it, we all want to be happier. All these good things in our gratitude diary will be things that make us happy. So simply note them down and dwell on them to make your life a little bit better. It’s that easy.