Catch The Dawn Chorus

Picture of a bird singing the daen chorus in the morning

Mindfully Catch The Dawn Chorus For a Great Start to Your Day Start your day right every day. Put a smile on your face and enjoy the moment. It’s really is just so very easy to do. We and those around us all gain benefit by being in a good mood. This is especially the […]

Mindfulness – Help With Autopilot Worry Negativity – Mindful Being

In todays fast paced world living in your head, on autopilot, with persistent negative worries is common. Lots of people in different walks of life live like this without actually realising it. Mindfulness can help by allowing you to spend meditative time giving yourself a choice of being on autopilot or simply being you. Personally I prefer the latter.

Letting Go Mindfully

Woman by the ocean being mindful with yoga

Letting Go Can Help You be Mindful in the Moment Dwell on your feelings less and become more aware. Let go of your feelings and become more mindful. Holding onto negative feelings is like you drinking a poison and expecting another person to get ill. Just let them come and go. Let Go of Your […]

Gratitude Diary

Write a gratitude diary to improve well-being

Help Yourself Toward Positive Thinking – Write a Gratitude Diary Your wellbeing and happiness in life can be helped by a few simple things. One of those things is keeping detailed notes a few times a week of the things you are grateful for. Try it. It does not take long and may help you […]

Gratitude Makes For Better Relationships

Big smile with watermelon very happy at feeling good

Gratitude Can Help Make Your Relationships Better All relationships have ups and downs. If you both express gratitude, it will help you both. Simple things, like doing the washing up, can be taken for granted. Take note of what the other person does, show appreciation and it will keep your relationship in better place. There […]