Non-judgemental Chubby Mens Massage – Large Set Guys Need Pampering Too

Chubby Man getting a massage

Being large does not mean you can’t get a nice pampering. When we say we are non-judgemental we mean it. It’s OK to be big, chubby, overweight, large set, heavy framed. No matter how shy you may be, we will make certain you feel really at home here. You can disrobe behind a privacy screen if you wish. Your therapist can hold a towel up in front of his eyes as you walk to the table. You can wear a towel around you if you wish too. What ever it takes to make you comfortable is OK.

Massage For Men in York – Relaxation is Good For Male Clients

Picture of a older gentleman getting a back massage

We are specialists in giving men a great, relaxing full body treatment which includes a soothing back massage. Also we offer men over 60 years a discount for 1 hour treatments. More people get massages now than ever before. It is as important for men as for women. But, not many men go for treatments. They should really as treatment helps specific male health issues. Choose a treatment here and afterwards you will feel like a new man. Try reading our guide to massage etiquette for men if this is your first time.

Naked Massage Treatments – Undraped Massage Therapy

Picture of man being free on a beach to dress as much or litttle as he wants to.

Naked Massage Treatments – Undraped Massage Therapy We offer you the freedom to choose what type of massage you receive here. You can also choose how much clothing you wish to wear while you are recieving your relaxing treatment. You can choose be fully clothed, you can also be naked and covered with blankets or, […]

Getting a Massage Do’s & Don’ts – Etiquette for Men’s Massage

Picture of a man giving a thumbs up

Getting a Massage Do’s & Don’ts – Etiquette for Men’s Massage Men can worry about getting massage treatments simply because it is new to them. This makes them unsure and a bit wary. However, you really don’t have to worry. We at Relaxing Massage are here to help and put your mind at ease. This […]

Submission in Massage

man blissing out after a massage

Submission in Massage: Letting Go of Control as Stress Relief for Work Bosses Are you a stressed-out boss at work who finds it difficult to let go of control? All day you make decisions, tell people what needs doing and this just adds to your stress load. However, help is at hand. It’s time for […]

Back Massage for Men and Women

Everybody loves a great back massage. It is an area the body where pain can be felt, especially the lower back, and tension can be held. Massage can help sooth both these issues.

Feeling Blissful: What to Expect From Your First Massage Treatment

Big smile with watermelon very happy at feeling good

Feel Blissful Relaxation: What to Expect From Your First Massage Treatment Massage therapy is an ancient healing art that has been used for centuries to promote relaxation, reduce stress, and improve overall well-being. If you are man (men are very nervy about massage) or a first-timer, you may wonder what to expect after a massage. […]