Stress is on the increase but, massage can help. That over all feeling of well-being from massage is a must have. Men dont talk about stress but, can come for massages here in complete privacy.

Get Massage Relief From Rising Stress at Work

Massage can help you especially when you consider stress related illness has increased steadily up to a peak around the time of COVID-19. The effect on people’s wellbeing and how happy they were feeling has also be affected badly. Massage positivity helps your welling. Men find it hard to talk about stress so, massage is even better for them.  

Measured Stress in the Workplace has Risen Steadily Since 2001

According to Health & Safety Executive estimates of stress in the workplace over the last 20 years has increased. It is now at an all-time high of about 2500 per 100000 workers who have self-reported reported cases of depression, stress and or anxiety. This is compared to about 1600 in 100000 workers in 2002. The total including un-reported cases might be much higher. The reasons for this significant increase can be put down to coronavirus to an extent but, we have to find better methods of coping better with stress for sure. Massage has be proven to help with high stress levels by soothing tension in muscles, which is where we hold onto stress in the body.

Massage Helps Your Wellbeing – Stress Does Not

Massage positively helps you feel better with an overall feeling of wellbeing according to the Nursing Times. So, help is available. There has been a lot to be stressed about recently. The worry about becoming ill with coronavirus (coronaphobia) is one. However, the concerns people have about not being able to access healthcare for other things causes heavy stress according to Office of National Statistics data. All these worries effect your wellbeing and how happy you are in life. Allow your wellbeing to be boosted here with a massage today.

Men Don’t Talk Enough About Stress – Massage Can Help

1/4 of men don’t feel able to talk to family or friends when they are feeling stressed out according to the mental Health foundation. This lack of being bale to communicate can compound your stress making it worse. Massage therapists are there to help. Firstly there are many proven benefits to the massage. Also, good therapists, like we have here, will be ethical and keep anything you say private. So, if you want to talk you can. It all stays inside the 4 walls of the Relaxation Room.


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