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Non-judgemental Chubby Mens Massage - Large Set Guys Need Pampering Too

Roger Farrington as a happy chubby Noah

Non-judgemental massage means we are very please to massage larger framed men. Chubby men deserve a good, relaxing, private pampering too, just like anyone else does. So go on, bite the bullet and come along to be professionally relaxed today. You will be made to feel very welcome in the total privacy available to you here. Massaging larger men benefits them in ways that are unique to their personal shape and size. 


Large Set? Large Frame? That's Fine We Don't Judge You

No matter what size you are, we are happy for you to come and get a non-judgemental massage here. We do not judge you at all, we just want you to enjoy yourself and relax here. We will do our very best to make you feel comfortable whatever it takes. We will make pleasent conversation to build some rapport and relax you at the start. Some questions about your health will be asked for your intake form but, again we do not judge you. It will just be things we need to know to make sure your holistic, personalised treatment is the best it can be for you as an individual.

Happy To Privately Massage Chubby Men Your Privacy is Important

Some chubby guys have confidence issues when they first think about going to get a treatment. If you are of large stature, that is not an issue here. We will welcome you warmly. It is OK to be big. Also keep in mind we are ethical in our approach. Whatever happens here is totally private. It is not talked about with anyone apart from you. It has always been that way here. Thats why some of our bigger clients keep on coming back. We want you to be comfotable the first time and happy to come back too.

Benefits of Being on the Large Side Here

When it comes to massage there are a few advantages to treating chubby guys.

  1. To begin with here we have a wider table than average. So, you will be comfortable even with very wide shoulders.
  2. Also, we have a number of very comfortable support cushions. So, again this means extra comfort for you no matter what size you are.
  3. Your body is more resilient than most. This means when deeper pressure strokes are used you can take it.
  4. To get to your muscles we will work all tissue layers. This means you will feel more benefit as we go deeper and deeper with each stroke.
  5. We will be loosening up your energy storage and make blood circulate. This means you may get a nice uplift, even feel energized and lighter on your feet afterwards.
  6. You will feel warmer than skinny people do. Extra tissue layers mean extra warmth for you on the massage table.
  7. With a warm non-judgemental welcome, we will make you feel very happy you have chosen us. We want you to come again. We want to make you feel good in yourself and about yourself.
Shy People are Very Welcome for Non-Judgemental Treatment

If you are uncomfortable or shy about undressing, there are privacy screens here to disrobe in private. Alternatively, you might want to undress yourself in a private room, on your own and your therapist can come in after you say your are ready. You can also bring a robe / dressing gown with you if you are shy.

Towels can be used during your massage to cover parts of your body that are not being treated at the time. We will do our very best to make you feel at home here. We want you to be really comfortable and to totally relax. That is our job and we are happy for you to enjoy yourself here, relaxing, completely. When you are here, no one wants anything from you. All you need to do is breath in relaxation and feel it happening as I move around your body.