Buttock Massage

Diagram of piriformus muscle and other buttoks / glute muscles with the sciatic nerve

When you get a full body treatment here you are offered a buttock massage. Having a massage on your glutes is a real pleasure. We take down your undies, put on some warm oil and then the bliss begins. Many men quietly enjoy this type of treatment and why shouldn’t they? It happens in a private place and it is always kept confidential. Go on, book a treat for your bum today and feel the wonders it can give you.

Back Massage for Men

M2M massage for men by men

Everybody loves a great back massage. It is an area the body where pain can be felt, especially the lower back, and tension can be held. Massage can help sooth both these issues.

Kneading Strokes – Palmer Digital Thumb & Ulnar Border

Kneading Strokes – Palmer Digital Thumb & Ulnar Border Kneading is a petrissage stroke used generally after effluerage. The technique is similar in motion to kneading bread. It is a medium depth stroke that relaxes muscle tension and stimulates the skin. It can be done with palms, fingers, thumbs or the side of the hand. […]