Buttock Massage

Diagram of piriformus muscle and other buttoks / glute muscles with the sciatic nerve

When you get a full body treatment here you are offered a buttock massage. Having a massage on your glutes is a real pleasure. We take down your undies, put on some warm oil and then the bliss begins. Many men quietly enjoy this type of treatment and why shouldn’t they? It happens in a private place and it is always kept confidential. Go on, book a treat for your bum today and feel the wonders it can give you.

Pain Relief Using Massage Therapy

Pain Relief Using Massage Therapy Many people popularly use massage therapy for pain relief. The main reason why is it seems to work for them. There are a number of scientific studies that prove massage works to reduce your pain. This form of treatment is certainly a great complementary, affordable, additional alternative to just taking […]

5 Benefits of Massage for Tight Muscles

Picture of neck back muscle tension in a man

5 Great Benefits of Massage for Tight Muscles Do your muscles get tight, sore, or even painful sometimes? Massage for problem tight muscles can provide great relief and be a bonus to your body’s healing process. With the right strokes and techniques from a qualified professional, massage can help. It helps by loosening up cells, […]