Mindfulness – Help With Autopilot Worry Negativity – Mindful Being

If you can see, today we live in a frantic world. We are always busy doing things. Life today is rush, rush, rush to get things done. This means you spend lots of time on autopilot, doing things. Worries about many things can be persistent and taint out lives negatively. Mindfulness offers us a choice. We can get away from worrying about what might happen and instead meditate on what is actually happening, right here and right now. It allows us to stop doing things for a short time and instead start actually being ourselves.

Are You Living on Autopilot?

In today’s modern world it is quite easy to live your life in your head, on autopilot. Many negative thoughts you have are sometimes so overwhelmingly real, that it is difficult to see past, through and or around them. These thoughts may clutter up our reality, leaving us living in a thought-based world in our heads. Mindful is a usful meditation practice that can help to give you an oppertuinity to just be yourself.

Do You Worry About What Might Happen?

For example, you may have a lot of worries about your work life that you find you cannot stop thinking about. Job security, favouritism, not making deadlines and your promotional prospects are just some popular examples. For those with families you may always be worried about your children. You might always be thinking about the welfare of elder family members.

Help With Autopilot Worrying – Seeing Things May Happen but Probably Wont

Mindfulness can help with persistent worrying. Obviously, there might be some grounds for worry about these things but, often you are worrying too much and from a negative perspective. “What might happen?” is something all of us think about. However, just think for a moment. How much evidence do you have that the negative things you worry about will actually happen? It is usually the case that most of the things you worry about will never happen but, you still constantly worry about them. Meditation can after some time allow you to see that worry is simply something your mind does on autopilot and allows you the choice, shall I worry or simply let it pass?
Mindfulness Offers You a Choice of Being Instead of Autopilot Doing
Mindfulness will not remove these thoughts and worries but, it can help you to cope with them better. It gives you a choice of how to react and then move forward. It can build your emotional intelligence. It gives us time, through meditation, to see more clearly what is happening in our mind, body and the environment that surrounds us. It allows us to be aware of something called autopilot. It takes us out of habitual autopilot (called doing mode), where we are aiming to get something done. It allows us to simply be ourselves (called being mode) for a refreshing change. It also allows us to be gentler on ourselves, which can be crucial to our own wellbeing.