This article is about a successful trial of 1, that being myself. With that in mind, there is no concrete evidence it works but, it did work well for me on my painful knee. So, I thought I should share it with you.

Self-Massage – Myofascial Release to Help Knee Pain at Home

The basics of myofascial release are simple. Just under the skin is what is called fascia. Layers of this tissue can stick together a bit and cause pain. This pain can be eased / released with some simple techniques you can do at home, as described below.

Easy Self-Massage With Myofascial Release on Your Knee

Myofascial release is releasing and relaxing tissues just under the skin. This is useful as pain can be cause by adhesion of tissue layers and this massage can help. Once you have completed the below technique you may wish to repeat the routine daily or even twice a day until you notice an improvement in your condition.

Step by Step Guide to Myofascial Release on Your Knee

  1. Please note you should stop if this self-massage causes you any pain anywhere. As you do these massage strokes, be certain to make sure your hands and the rest of your body remain in a comfortable position throughout. Sitting comfortably with your knee bent might be best.
  2. Gently press around the painful area to find out exactly where the pain is located.
  3. Once the location is found gently rub around it in a circle a good number of times (clockwise and then repeat anti-clockwise) to warm up the tissues.
  4. Move your hands to an inch away from where the pain is.
  5. Gently lift the skin into a fold, softly pinching it between your fingers and thumb.
  6. You may choose to lightly rub the skin between finger and thumb relasing the layers even further.
  7. Move around in a circle, 1 inch away from the pain and repeat this until you return to your starting position.
  8. Now do the same in the other direction all the way around.