Being busy is worn as a medal of honour by many successful people. However, being overly busy can lead to a terrible thing called burnout. Massage can help when you start to see or feel the signs of Burnout.

In today’s bustling busy world, being busy can be used to forget your troubles. Being too busy however can lead to devastating burnout. Massage can help by relieving some of the stress you get from work.

Dr Ranking (2014) tells us that there can be a form of addiction to being busy. It is a required form of numbing from the outside world and all the troubles there are there. This being very busy can have its uses. Like when you are coping with grief for example, being really busy can be used to take your mind off of the experience. You can also numb away issues at home and in relationships, as well as lots of other things. No matter how we use the numbing of being busy, eventually it can become overwhelming and lead to burnout.

What is Burnout?

Burnout is a psychologist’s term. It is used to describe the effects of unremitting stress, that can lead to a number of health related problems. Carter S. Psy.D. (2013) says, signals that we have burnout include becoming detached from both home and our work, and the people around us. We feel alone in a crowd. We feel totally drained physically and emotionally. We are tired a lot of the time and find it difficult to cope with our emotions. Sleep can become an issue both getting too little or too much.

Massage as an Intervention to Avoid Burnout

What we really need then is to find ways of avoiding this. That is for our sakes and those around us too.

There are a number of good ways of doing this. Spotting the signs early will be a great help. Then we can manage the potential for stress and burnout with interventions.

Massage is one of these personal interventions. Carter (2011) tells us relaxation is a good way of alleviating stress that can lead to burnout. Massage is a proven remedy for stress and can definitely help you relax. Tension mounts up in the muscles when we are stressed. Massage will make your tense muscles relax. So this is a good intervention to avoid burnout.

It is also a good way of helping with sleep problems, which is another sign of burnout. Ozlu Prof (2017) tells us the massage significantly improved the sleep quality of patient he studied in an intensive care unity in Turkey. If you can imagine how stressed people there were and how it helped, you can see how it will help you in your situation.


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