We human beings have missed being touched theraputically for a long time now. We peronalise the amount of pressure used so it feels great for you. Massage is now back so, it time for you to enjoy yourself freely again.

Being Touched is a Basic Need for Humans That We All Have Missed

Touch is a really important part of being human and we have been missing it for too long. Pressure is personalise to your exact requirements to make it more pleasurable for you. Proven benefits of massage have long been known & been proven time after time by science.

A Qualified Massage Therapist Uses Touch

Massage therapy is back in 2022. It is time for your to enjoy a good treament again. Massage is touching people and it has proven benefits. During the lockdowns 2020 – 2022 we have been avoiding other people for fear of being infected with the Covid-19 virus. There were also laws in place meaning you could not get a massage.That is all history now and the theraputic nature of touch is back for you to enjoy. Call to book today.

Appropriate Touch and Pressure During Treatment Makes It Delightful

The use of appropriate touch with appropriate pressure is personalised for you. Many poeple like different things. This indiviasuality is what makes us human. Your personal treatment here is tailored to your exact requirements. The use of nice light gentle touch as we begin your treatment. Then the use of more pressure to get through layer of warmed up skin into the muscles. Lastly back to light gentle pressure. The thing is this is all done while keeping in verbal contact so your therapist knows how it feels. It will feel good with the right pressure and you tell your therapist exactly how much pressure you want and where. Bigger muscles in your legs may require more, smaller muscles likein your back may requre less. You tell us verbally & your theraipst is in communication with your muscles too so, we will definitly know exactly what your require. 

The Benefits of Relaxing Touch are Many – Book Today to Enjoy It Agian!

There are many benefits or healing properties touch is said to have. It is one of the main sences we have and it should be enjoyed. There are many proven healing properties of touch during massage. So now is the time to come in a get some hands on therapy treatment. You will enjoy it even more after all this time away from it.