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About Us at Relaxing Massage York

Relaxing Massage York provides you holistic massage, which is a complementary therapy. Qualified, insured and experienced staff are waiting to pamper you. We allow you to relax, make you feel good and help to relieve your tension. We aim to provide a professional and relaxing experience for you.

Picture of your masseur.Holistic Massage Complementary Therapy - The Truth

Holistic massage is a complementary therapy. This means it is not meant as a cure all but, instead it compliments your bodies own healing system. Its aim is to help your body to heal itself and help you to relax better. This is done by manipulating muscle and other tissues. This relaxes your muscles, making you feel good. It also pushes toxins in your tissues through the bodies filtering system. known as the lymphatic system. This aids the body to get rid of waist materials quicker than would normally be the case.

Kevin is Your Qualified Insured Experienced York Masseur

  • Your therapist Kevin at Relaxing Massage York is experienced. He has practised massage for over 25 years.
  • Your therapist is fully qualified for the treatments he is providing you.
  • For Swedish massage a VTCT level 3 diploma has been passed.
  • Also an ABC level 4 in Massage was passed.
  • For Deep Tissue Massage a Gateway Practitioners diploma recognised by BABTAC and Association of Beauty Therapists was passed.
  • For Indian head massage a YTH diploma recognised by BABTAC and Association of Beauty Therapists was passed.
  • Also and ABC level 3 in Indian head massage was passed.
  • Your therapist Kevin is fully insured by the Association of Beauty Therapists.    

Enjoy a Quiet Relaxing Environment

Massage is an ancient art that should be given to you in a relaxing environment. We provide that in our relaxation room.

  • The relaxation room is pleasantly warm for you, but not too hot.
  • We have simple, pleasant decor, using quiet, relaxing colours and a few vases with blooms in spread around.
  • We offer a choice of relaxing sounds. From sounds of British forest birds singing, to the sweeping waves of the ocean, the choice is yours.
  • We also offer a number of relaxing and or uplifting scents for you. Lavender essential oil is our most popular choice. You could also choose orange, lemon grass, peppermint or some cleansing eucalyptus scents.