Massage therapy is a great way to help others feel good and help clients with aches and pains. However, a practicing therapist must consider self-care to look after themselves to be able to help others.

Massage is a great proffession to become a part of. It help other to feel good and can help sooth some of the aches and pains people suffer from. However, when you are working as a therapist you must consider self-care. It is essential that you warm up to avoid injuring yourself as you work.

Just like when you are taking part in a sports event you need to warm up your body first to avoid injury. Can you imagine a world class 100 meters sprint athlete, professional football player or a boxer not warming up before an event they are taking part in? No, so you as a therapist need to warm up too. It does not take long and will mean you are less likely to injure yourself working. It is also possible that it can extent a therapists career by avoiding injury. Clients may be present while this warmup is taking place and it should be explained to them what you are doing.