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Massage Treatments Prices, Details & History

We offer you 3 types of massage. There is a price list for you here, which is kept up-to-date. You can read details of the treatments, what strokes are used and how it is done. Also some of the history of this ancient art are included, which might surprise you.

Swedish Massage York £70/Hour - Definition, Strokes and Benefits

Swedish massage has been around a long time. It was was developed by 2 Swedish therapists. Different strokes are used at different times during the treatment. Your therapist uses oil to cover your skin, allowing for some slip and good grip. Hands are then used to manipulate muscles under the skin.  This relaxes the muscles and warms them. Different types of stroke are then used to push any toxins out of the muscles.

Indian Head Massage in York £35

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Indian Head massage uses ancient techniques, to relax you and remove shoulder, neck and back tension caused by stress. It is applied in an armless chair with you seated. It can be performed fully clothed so, is less intimate than a full body massage. 

Massage For Men in York – Relaxation is Good For Male Clients

Picture of a man getting a relaxing back massage.

We are specialists in giving men a great, relaxing full body treatment which includes a back massage. Also we offer men over 60 years a discount for 1 hour treatments. More people get massages now than ever before. It is as important for men as for women. But, not many men go for treatments. They should really as treatment helps specific male health issues. Choose a treatment here and afterwards you will feel like a new man. Try reading our guide to massage etiquette for men if this is your first time.

History of Massage Time-line

Massage is a tried and tested complementary therapy that has been around for thousands of years. reading this time line we have produced for you, will give you a good idea of its documented origins in China, Egypt and India. Also how it has become more accepted in the modern age.

History of Indian Head Massage (Champissage)

Indian Head massage (champissage or champi) was first recorded in the Ayurveda (Knowledge of Life) around 600BC. Originally it was the elder women of the family that practised champi. The practise was derived from grooming rituals back then. Oils can be used but, they don't have to be. In 1978 Narendra Mehta came to study physiotherapy in England. When he had massages a head massage was missed out. So he went about creating what is now known as Indian Head massage.

Your Privacy & Being Comfortable is Important During Discreet Massage

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We respect your privacy very much at Relaxing Massage in York. You will be covered in clean towels during a massage to keep you warm and for your privacy. To get the most benefit out of a treatment you have to be comfortable and that is also a top priority here. With full body treatment, your skin will have to be accessible. So you will have to undress to some extent. We offer you privacy screens and or another private room to disrobe in. Your treatment here is also totally discreet and any information we take from you is confidential. Everyone gets the same great service here no matter what.