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Petrissage Strokes - Kneading, Wringing, Picking Up, Rolling and Friction

The name Petrissage was derived from the French word "Petrir", which means to knead (as in bread dough), or stroke, lift, squeeze, generally manipulate quite vigorously.  Petrissage strokes are used in Swedish, Indian Head and Deep Tissue massage routines. They are used after effleurage has been used to warm up the skin and superficial muscles. They are medium depth strokes that are stimulating to superficial and deeper tissues under the dermis and next to bone. There are 5 different techniques we will be looking at here including Kneading, Wringing, Picking Up, Rolling and Frictions.

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Wringing Petrissage Stroke - How to Where to & Effects

Wringing is what is termed a medium depth stroke. These are deeper strokes than effleurage that stimulate muscle tissue under the epidermis and dermis. It is done using 2 hands, pulling flesh and then pushing it together. Therapist look like they are dancing as they use this technique. There are many benefits to using this stroke including, aiding circulation, stimulating the filtering of toxins and relaxing muscles.

Kneading Strokes - Palmer Digital Thumb and Ulnar Border

Kneading is a petrissage stroke used generally after effluerage. The technique is similar in motion to kneading bread. It is a medium depth stroke that relaxes muscle tension and stimulates the skin. It can be done with palms, fingers, thumbs or the side of the hand. its benefits are many to skin, muscles and bone.