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Naked Massage Treatments - Undraped Massage Therapy

Picture of man being free on a beach to dress as much or litttle as he wants to.Clients can choose to be partially clothed, naked then covered with towels or completely naked during a massage treatment here. Your treatment here is done the way you choose. That being however you are most comfortable. Please don’t be embarrassed to ask.

Undress as Much or as Little as You Wish

At relaxing massage, we believe that a client’s comfort and privacy is very important. For Indian Head Massage you can remove your shirt but, this type of treatment can also be done through clothing. For massages that are dedicated to a specific area (like your back or your legs), you can stay partially clothed. For full body massage, some level of undress is usual. For most people that means undressing to their underwear. This means your therapist can access the body areas requiring treatment and can cover these areas with oil. Many people want to protect their privacy during a treatment. So, towels can be used to cover you. However you choose to have your treatment done we are happy to help.

Being Naked for Your Relaxing Massage

You are welcome to be naked during a treatment here. When you arrive for your treatment, your therapist will show you somewhere private to disrobe, behind a privacy screen. He will say “If you could please undress down to your underwear as a minimum or naked. Whichever you are most comfortable with.“ This gives you the freedom of choice to be totally naked all during your treatment here, if you wish. If you do choose to be nude, towels can still be used to protect your modesty. Simply discuss your treatment with your therapist and it will be done the way you want. We aim to please.

Undraped Massage Treatment

Picture of woman dancing freely.Some people preferred an undraped massage. This is a naked, full body treatment without any towels. We can provide this service on request. Treatment here is in a warm, well insulted therapy room, so you should not be cold. If the temperature is not quite right for you, just tell your therapist so they can do something about it for you. Undraped massage is considered by many to be the top form of massage, with good reason. It means you can concentrate wholly on what your therapist is doing for you. If you can imagine, towels being moved around your body can be considered a distraction. It also means your therapist does not have to deal with moving the towels. So, they can concentrate more on do you some good. For many people the freedom of being naked, with no towels and still being warm, is exactly what they want. People say they get more out of an undraped treatment. The choice is yours.

No Sorry – We Don’t Do Naturist Massage

We do not provide this service. Naturist massage treatments are when you and your therapist are both naked. You may disrobe in private and your therapist may disrobe separately. Both of you are naked throughout your treatment. There are many naturist resorts that will provide you with this service. We however do not. Sorry.